Super Showdown is just one week away.

Elimination Chamber is less than a month away.

WrestleMania is less than 45 days away!!

This week’s Monday Night RAW built to all three of these Pay Per View shows. WWE often puts itself in this corner of having to book to several shows at once, which we have seen in the past does not always work well.

Drew MacIntyre and Paul Heyman had a nice back, and forth, Ricochet continued to build momentum towards his title opportunity against Brock Lesnar. Several women were also announced for the Elimination Chamber next month.

I have to admit, this week’s recap was challenging to finish because there was not much about this show I enjoyed. Randy Orton kicked off the show and obliterated Matt Hardy with two chair shots. I thought this took up entirely too much time to accomplish what it was intended to. Yes, Orton looks like a mega-heel, Hardy was written off television and looks like a babyface, but this did not need to be a 20-minute segment.

1) Liv Morgan Enters the Chamber:

Like I said, I did not enjoy a lot of things on this show, but this was one of them. It was short but effective.

I think it is a little odd the WWE just totally dropped the Lana storyline, but it should benefit Liv. Although she has no chance of winning the Elimination Chamber with Baszler in it, I am glad she is getting the spotlight, and Ruby Riott is in the Elimination Chamber as well. Those two should have a nice moment that builds to a match at WrestleMania.

Again, nothing special, but it’s a chance to build a star, something the WWE desperately needs to do in the women’s division.

2) Aleister Black Defeats Erick Rowan:

This was a battle between two stars that have not lost in a while and appear to be receiving a push. However, Black is over with the fans, but the same cannot be said about Rowan and his gimmick.

This was an enjoyable match to watch, and these two had surprisingly good chemistry. Black threw everything in his arsenal at Rowan and eventually, after two Black Masses, pinned Rowan.

This match did wonders for Black, and despite the loss, Rowan looked very tough as well. I was a little disappointed Black didn’t expose what was in the cage, but that’s okay.

This was a very simple yet effective way to put Black over, as he beat a legit wrestler for the first time since his feud with Murphy.

More of this, please!

3) Shayna Baszler: Built For The Chamber:

My partner, Robbie DiPaola, will not like this, but I thought Becky Lynch struggled mightily in this segment.

Lynch walked out with a bag and, after a commercial, pulled stacks of money out and “made it rain” $100 bills. Lynch said this was a down payment for what she is going to do to Baszler, okay then. She then lists all the people she has defeated this year as champion.

Baszler appears on the screen and says she was built for a fight like the Elimination Chamber since she is a cage fighter. Lynch says she is rooting for her.

Man, I hope Baszler wins at Mania!

One Thing I Did Not Like: Seth Rollins Has GOT TO GO!

 The Monday Might Messiah just does not cut it for me anymore. As one sign in the crowd even echoed how I feel at the moment, “Seth Rollins is not cool.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have gotten to a point where if he is on the screen, I am trying my best not to fast forward. Kevin Owens is the only redeemable part of this whole thing, especially since Samoa Joe is out of action now.

I just don’t enjoy any part of this whole thing. Plus, it is the main event of every show, and Rollins takes up too much time running his mouth.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this show. The main event and the beginning of the show were forgettable, and the middle wasn’t much better.

I hope next week, the go-home show to Super Showdown is better.

I give this week’s RAW a 1.75 out of 5.

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