On the second Monday Night RAW in February, Becky Lynch put her title on the line, Samoa Joe returned and took part in an eight-man tag match as the main event, and Charlotte Flair has not announced who she will face at WrestleMania.

Flair watched as Rhea Ripley destroyed Sarah Logan in seconds. After the match, Flair said she would not give Ripley an answer because Ripley may lose her title on Sunday.

Seth Rollins and his “disciples” kicked off the show. Rollins shows a video recapping last week and says he likes the name “the fans” gave him. Kevin Owens came out to say he is all about fighting. This naturally leads to a brawl. Samoa Joe returned, and team KO stands tall.

Here are three things I liked and one thing I did not like about this week’s Monday Night RAW.

1) Becky Retains Against Asuka:

I was exhausted after watching this match. This match had a ton of near-falls and rollups. Lynch and Asuka really put on a show. To top it all off, Lynch and Asuka’s match spanned two commercial breaks!

After the match, Shayna Baszler attacked Lynch. Baszler went full vampire, threw out her mouthpiece and bit Lynch’s keck. Very odd and weird, but I thought it was interesting.

Lynch declined medical attention and drove herself to the hospital. Later on, Lynch returned and said Baszler better hope she finds her before Lynch finds Baszler. That second part was totally unnecessary.

Baszler looked extremely strong after this segment and is already built as a serious threat to defeat Lynch. I really hope she wins at Mania.

Lynch really tried to sell this segment, and I think she was a little bit too over the top. It was almost like she tried too hard to sell it. I felt less would have been more here.

But overall, this was an excellent start to the feud.

2) Ricochet Defeats Bobby Lashley:

I just really enjoyed this match. I thought Lashley looked strong, and Ricochet proved he could take bumps from significantly bigger competitors. Again there was nothing significant about this match, but I enjoyed watching it.

After the match, Lana was distraught that “her Bobby” lost and sold it well. Her facial expressions were fantastic.

3) Drew McIntyre Doesn’t Need MVP:

Will Drew McIntyre be in these recaps pretty much weekly until WrestleMania? Absolutely. So get used to it.

In all seriousness, I did enjoy this segment. MVP offered to be MacIntyre’s manager. MVP says MacIntyre needs someone to help him because he isn’t ready for it.

McIntyre says he doesn’t need an advocate or a Paul Hayman. He then head-butts MVP and then drills him with a Claymore kick.

This segment did an excellent job of putting McIntyre over. More of that needs to happen in the coming months.

One Thing I Did Not Like: Goodbye Matt Hardy

As Randy Orton was about to give an explanation as to why he attacked Edge, Matt Hardy came out, wanting an answer. Hardy defends his friend, Edge. Hardy then gives an extended, passionate promo about their friendship and history.

When Hardy finishes, Orton hits him with an RKO and then hits his face with a chair, writing him off television, possibly for good.

After the show, Hardy tweeted out, “Goodbye,” and his new Twitter name is “Matt Hardy in LIMBO.”

It will be unfortunate to see Hardy leave WWE, but I totally understand why. He has to do what’s best for his career, and a new beginning in AEW will do him wonders. I wish we could have gotten one last ultimate deletion match. So long, Matt, you will be missed.

For the record, I really enjoyed this segment, but it is sad to see a legend go and not finish his career with the WWE.

Overall this was another good episode of RAW. The first 90 minutes were significantly better than the last 90 minutes. I am a little bias because I am so sick of Rollins in the main event, so I did not really care for that as much as others did.

But another well above average show. I give this week’s RAW a 3.5 out of five.

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