Arguably the best thing about AEW is their stacked tag team division, and that’s what opened this week’s Dynamite.  Any of these four teams could be viable challengers for the tag team championships. A storyline that seemed to be brewing in this match was The Elite’s relationship with Hangman Page.

The Young Bucks were rolling for much of the match, and at one point, Matt Jackson hit four straight suplexes on Trent. But then Santana said Ortiz would have their turn to run wild, and took over the match. The young duo got the crowd on their feet with a pair of dives to the outside.

Santana and Ortiz singled out Matt Jackson and spent several minutes punishing him. When Jackson went to the corner, he glanced at Hangman Page before tagging in Kenny Omega. The action would quickly break down, and the competitors spilled to the outside, where Trent would eventually hit a superplex on Matt Jackson that took out the other six competitors.

The eight men would them all wind up back in the ring and looked to try and suplex one another. The difference was Orange Cassidy, who helped The Best Friends & Santana/Ortiz Suplex the Bucks and Omega/Hangman. Later on, the Bucks would go a Super Kick party but nearly took out Hangman. The match ended when Hangman low bridged Nick Jackson to the outside, and Omega/Hangman hit the Buckshot/V-Trigger combo for the win.

Post-Match the Bucks were a bit upset with Hangman’s actions, but eventually, all embraced. This match was incredible, I could have watched it all night. The action was non-stop, and there were several big spots. Awesome opening match!

Cody’s Decision:

A number of weeks ago, MJF named his price for Cody to get a match with him at Revolution. Cody went on to say he knows what it is like to get your thunder stolen, which could happen after his match with Wardlow. Cody also believes MJF is stalling, and he lives rent-free in Max’s head. While some may say MJF is a true old-school heel, Cody just thinks he is lazy.

The American Nightmare went on to accept all three stipulations, and lets MJF know he’s going to get his own scar at Revolution. The build-up to this match should be pretty good!

Nightmare Collective finally wrestle:

Brandi and Mel were here to take on Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida. The Collective, joined by Luther, attacked before the bell to try and gain the early edge.

Shida tried her best out of the gate to get things going but was eventually stopped, and Mel and Brandi slowly beat down Shida in the ring. It took through the commercial break, but Shida finally got to Statlander, and she gets her revenge on Brandi with a roundhouse kick and then a Michinoku Driver for a two-count.

Statlander then nearly got a win off a standing moonsault, but Brandi ran in and broke up the pinfall. Statlander would reverse Mel and hit a tombstone for the win. A bit surprised, they would beat the Nightmare Collective. The women’s division overall isn’t nearly as strong as the rest of the roster, and the crowd wasn’t into this match much.

Moxley vs. Guevara:

Moxley arrived in style, thanks to Chris Jericho, gifting him a new car. Guevara got in a few nice shots early, even hitting a corkscrew tope over the top rope. On the outside, Guevara would throw Mox into the barricade and then the steel steps.

After the break, Guevara got a two-count off a shooting star press. Later on, Sammy hit a Spanish Fly from the top rope and then hit a knee to the face for a near fall. Moxley, though, would win after he caught Guevara in a sleeper hold.

Mox could only briefly celebrate as the lights when out and the inner circle was in the ring. Not backing down, Moxley went right at them but was overwhelmed by the numbers game.

Jericho then whipped Mox with the title belt, and Hager kicks him below the belt. Jericho then took a metal spike off his jacket and rammed it into Moxley’s eye. The inner circle is focused on making Moxley’s life difficult, did he bite off more than he can chew?

Six-Man Tag Team Match:

Diamond Dallas Page was in his first match since showing up at Wrestlemania 32 back in 2016. He wanted to go after MJF right away, but MJF ran off to the front row instead. The Butcher and Blade spent most of the opening minutes beating down QT Marshall and Dustin.

After the break, MJF was beating down Dustin Rhodes but was kneed below the belt. After fighting off the Blade, Rhodes tagged in DDP! He hits a cutter on the Butcher, but MJF avoids it but can’t escape a Canadian destroyer from Rhodes, which leads into a Diamond Cutter.

After DDP hit a dive from the top rope, MJF stole a win when he rolled up Marshall for the win. This outcome was pretty predictable, as MJF is the hottest name of this group, and having him steal a win is a perfect way to get even more heat on him.

Darby Allin vs. PAC:

Allin knew he would have to gain an early advantage if he wanted to win here. Eventually, Allin got PAC to the outside and hit a massive dive to the outside, which sent PAC flying into the barricade. Then Allin hit another dive on the outside after PAC rolled out of the ring. Just before the break, Allin missed a hurricanrana, and PAC tossed him into the steel steps.

Up on the top rope, PAC hit a missile dropkick for a two count. PAC then tried to go to the top rope, but Allin countered with a crucifix bomb, and then he hit a coffin drop on the outside. Allin then landed a destroyer, which only got him a two-count.

Darby again went for a coffin drop, but PAC countered with a German suplex and then a powerbomb. Somehow Darby kicked out at two. PAC then hit the black arrow for the win, and he will face Moxley next week for the right to fight for the AEW title.

To close the show, Moxley refuses to leave in an ambulance and comes to the stage. He lets PAC know it doesn’t matter if he’s blind or half-dead. He’ll be fighting him for the No. 1 contender spot next week.

Overall this show was solid. The opening match really got the crowd going, and further displayed the strength that is the AEW tag division. Cody’s promo was firey and connected with the crowd as well, he had several good lines throughout. Darby Allin continues to impress me, his stardom has arguably grown the most since AEW debuted.

The women’s tag match missed the mark, and you could tell by the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd. This will get repetitive, but this is the weak link for AEW.

This week’s Dynamite gets a 3.5 out of 5 from me.

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