This week’s Monday Night RAW went up against the College Football Championship Game, and college football won.

LSU vs. Clemson won in both the ratings and in which product was better.

The WWE tried to put on a great show with Brock Lesnar, Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy, and the Becky Lynch-Asuka contract signing.

But the Athens, Ohio product, Joe Burrow stole the night.

While Clemson vs. LSU was the better event to watch, did the WWE keep up their streak of good shows? Find out as I give three things I liked and one thing I did not like about this week’s RAW.

1) What’s UP?

Paul Heyman is always fantastic on the microphone. R-Truth is always entertaining. Combine those two, and you get an entertaining segment.

Heyman was in the middle of another good promo, talking about spoilers and truth when the 24/7 Champion R-Truth comes out. Truth says he is entering the Royal Rumble because Heyman is in it. Lesnar lost his mind!

Heyman explains to Truth that he is not in the match, Lesnar is, and Truth smartly retracts his entrance into the rumble. Truth taunts Lesnar by saying, “what’s up?” Lesnar then gives R-Truth an F-5 and grabs the mic, and while standing over, R-Truth says, “That’s what’s up!”

This was an amusing segment. R-Truth was fantastic, and it was nice to see him, so something besides run around. Heyman, as always, was excellent. His interaction with the fans was something fantastic. And then Lesnar even talked, which is rare! It was an excellent and fun segment.

2) Drew McIntyre Build Continues

Anyone who has followed this site for any length of time knows I am a massive Drew McIntyre fan. I have been clamoring for him to win a title for a year, and he still has not even had a title opportunity.

McIntyre has been on fire for months now. He has not lost in months. Most of those matches have been squash matches, but finally, he has faced some real competition.

McIntyre inserted himself into the AJ Styles-Randy Orton match, and it was great.

All three superstars got in some good offense. Styles tried numerous times to hit Orton’s moves on Orton. He tried several times for an RKO and the draping DDT.

But Orton turned the tables and hit Styles with a Styles clash.

The finish was a good one. Orton hit Styles with an RKO, and then McIntyre nailed Orton with a Claymore kick.

This was a great way to begin the show. All three superstars did very well, and I am happy McIntyre got the victory. The win proves that the WWE is going to finally push McIntyre, maybe even all the way to WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar?!?! A man can dream, right?

3) Lashley Defeats Rusev

I thought about putting the build between Mysterio and Andrade, but I used them last week, and with them competing next week, I am sure they will be on this list again next week. So, instead, I am going with Bobby Lashley defeating Rusev.

Lashley winning was the obvious and correct decision. It is too soon for Rusev to win. Lashley looked good in the match, which several spears to Rusev. Lana tried to interfere, but Liv Morgan ran down for the save. Lana grabbed a fan’s drink and threw it on Morgan! The distraction gave Lashley enough time to get the pin and the victory.

It was interesting that Lashley did not like Lana challenging Rusev and Liv to a mixed-match tag team match. Perhaps trouble in paradise?

All around, this was a solid match. It furthers the storyline, builds to more next week, and gets Lana more heel-heat and Morgan more baby-face pop. Again, nothing special but solid.

One Thing I Did Not Like: Sarah Logan’s New Character

I could have put a few things in this spot, but this one stood out more than the others.

What was that? A werewolf? And more importantly, why? Logan will likely not be pushed much in the near future, so what could that build to for an enhancement talent? It doesn’t make much sense.

Charlotte Flair defeated Logan in your standard squash match, which was expected, but I did not like Logan’s new character.

Overall this was a solid show. There was nothing special but nothing totally disastrous either. I think the WWE knew the ratings would be down thanks to Burrow vs. Lawrence, so they kept something’s back for next week, which makes sense.

I saw quite a few people very high on this show, and while some good came from this episode, I am giving this week’s RAW a 3 out of 5.

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