This week’s Monday Night RAW was the last go-home show of 2019. This Sunday is the final Pay-Per-View of the year.

After last week’s show, there was exactly one match on the card. As of Wednesday, there are six matches on the card, three coming from the “red brand.”

Those matches are; Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black, Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley and Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch vs. The Kabuki Warriors for the Tag Team Titles. More matches are sure to be announced.

On this week’s show, Andrade and Zelina Vega teased a breakup, Rusev and Lana are finally “divorced” and there were plenty of squash matches to go around.

Below are three things I liked and one thing I did not like about the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs go-home edition of Monday Night RAW.

1). Humberto Carrillo Defeats Andrade

The first 90 minutes of the show was borderline unwatchable. Then this match happened. It was a breath of fresh air. These two have unbelievable chemistry already and can have some outstanding storylines.

As an Andrade fan, I always hate seeing him lose, but it was nice to see Carrillo get the “upset” victory.

However, the real story of this match was Andrade and Zelina Vega. Before the match, Carrillo gave way during his interview to Vega, “ladies first” and Andrade took exception to that, demanding a match. This visibly upset Vega, and she let Andrade know about it.

Then, during the match, Andrade accidentally ran into Vega, who was trying to cause a distraction. Carrillo used this to get the roll-up victory. In the ring, afterward, Andrade blamed the loss on Vega, and the two got into an argument, which carried on to the backstage area.

I will be quite sad to see these two break up. I think Andrade and Zelina are a good pairing. Vega is good on the mic, an area where Andrade is lacking, and she is solid in limited action in the ring. I wonder who she will manage next if this, in fact, the beginning of the end of her partnership with Andrade?

2). Rey Mysterio Retains

Despite a rushed ending to the match, this was the best thing on the card. Styles and Mysterio are two seasoned veterans that have good chemistry, and both know how to put on a quality match.

There were several excellent spots in this match. I would absolutely watch it again on a PPV.

Randy Orton staying involved, playing mind games, and causing Styles to lose is an excellent touch to this feud. It will be interesting to see where they go with Orton. Is the pay-off, a fantastic match against Styles at a PPV, or does he turn on Mysterio and cost him the title? It could go either way.

But overall, this was a good match, Mysterio getting the win was the obvious and right call. Hopefully, he faces someone other than Styles soon.

3). Seth Rollins Joins The AOP

I thought this segment could have been better, but Rollins aligning himself with The AOP is precisely what needed to happen. After his failed reign as Universal Champion, Rollins was in dire need of a total character change. He got it. Rollins is now a heel and is surrounded by two of the toughest guys in the company.

Not only is this a good move for Rollins, but it should also be perfect for the AOP. Akam and Rezar now have someone that can help them with promos and should be in title contention for a while. They probably will be the team to dethrone the Viking Raiders, which I am all for.

This pairing is a much better version of The OC.

One Thing I Did Not Like: The First 90 Minutes of the Show

I usually enjoy a good love story, but the Lana- Rusev- Lashley thing should have ended months ago. It was not a very good story, and the ending was not much better. Hopefully, after the match between Rusev and Lashley on Sunday, it will all be over.

Drew McIntyre and Aleister Black were involved in more squash matches, and the Viking Raiders retained their titles over The Street Profits in a match that was too short.

Although I understand it for Black, he and McIntyre should be fighting real competition by now. They’ve had enough squash matches to prove how good and strong they are. Time to move on and face someone with some credibility.

The Viking Raiders and Street Profits had a good match, but it was too short. They needed more time. If given it, I think it would be good. The Street Profits are a charismatic team that can usually put on a good match.

Overall this week’s RAW was a disappointment. Considering it was a go-home show, I expect more than a typical episode of RAW. We were not given more. It was a disappointing show. Nothing made me really want to watch on Sunday, and there’s still no real storylines. It was better than last week but not by a lot.

It was a go-home show, and the first 90 minutes were so unwatchable. The second half saved it from receiving the worst grade ever.

I give this weeks RAW a 2.5 out of 5.

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