This week Monday Night RAW had five squash matches, two arrests, an apology from Seth Rollins, and zero matches announced for a Pay-Per View a week from Sunday.

The show kicked off with Rollins apologizing to the locker room for his comments last week. This brought out Kevin Owens. After a few minutes, Rollins offered a challenge, himself and Owens, against The AOP. Owens smartly declined and offered an open challenge to anyone.

This brought out Lana. Owens told Lana that nobody cares about her restraining order (he’s not wrong), and Lashley and Owens had a match. After several minutes, The AOP came out an attacked Owens, resulting in another DQ finish to the match.

After the match, Rusev violated his “restraining order” by attacking Lashley and then ran off. Lashley bumped a police officer, so he was arrested. Lana slapped the officer and was arrested as well. Maybe this feud will finally end???

Before I get into the three things, I enjoyed and one thing I did not, I want to give an honorable mention.

Mitchell Lyons (no, not me) made his debut in a WWE ring as a local enhancement talent. Lyons and his partner lost quickly to the Viking Raiders. On name value alone, Lyons should be Universal Champion. Good luck, Mitchell! Keep bringing good to that awesome name!

In all seriousness, here are the three things I enjoyed and one thing I did not enjoy from the show.

1) Charlotte Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors

Easily, this was the best match of the night. Flair took on both Asuka and Khari Sane in a handicap match. This was fantastic. Flair was on her game, selling moves the whole time and overcoming everything the Women’s Tag Team Champions threw at her.

Sane and Asuka took full advantage of having the extra person, cheating at every turn. But, no matter what they threw at Flair, she kicked out and had an answer of her own.

The highlight of the match was a double spear by Flair to both Asuka and Sane. However, it was not enough as the tag team champions were too much and defeated Flair.

This was a great match. All three superstars were terrific; the champions got the win, while Flair looked strong. I am excited for this feud to continue, hopefully, to a one-on-one match between Flair and Asuka.

2) Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton

While Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors was the best match of the night; this was the best segment of the night.

McIntyre defeated Akira Tozawa in a quick match with a Claymore kick from out of nowhere.

After the match, McIntyre said he is not like all the other superstars. He doesn’t go to Twitter to call someone out. He will do it face-to-face in the ring. So McIntyre demands Randy Orton come to the ring.

After a commercial, Orton comes to the ring. McIntyre then cut an unbelievable promo on Orton. Honestly, one of the Top 10 of the year. McIntyre says he and the Claymore is the future, and Orton and the RKO is a thing of the past. Then AJ Styles and The OC’s music hit, and Styles came to the ring, saying he wanted to face Orton. McIntyre awkwardly walked away.

If you haven’t seen this segment yet, go watch it. It got me very excited about a future McIntyre vs. Orton match and proved why I have been saying McIntyre should have had a belt MONTHS ago.

3) Samoa Joe on Commentary

I wanted to put Mitchell Lyons in this spot, but I didn’t think that was right. Joe debuted on commentary last week, filling in for the injured Dio Maddin. Maddin took an F5 from Brock Lesnar a few weeks ago and has not been heard from since. I would never be happy for someone to lose their job, but Maddin did not add anything when he was on commentary, so if he is done, the desk won’t be missing much.

Joe filled in for the entire show this week and did an outstanding job. Joe started off as a babyface, which was odd, but as the show went on, he went to more of a tweener. As much as I like Joe as a superstar, if he is not going to be used in the main title picture (and win it), then he can stay on commentary for a while. He did very well.

One Thing I Did Not Like: Everything Else in the Show

Five squash matches are far too many, Kevin Owens doesn’t need to be placed in the Lana, Lashley, Rusev love triangle story, why is Seth Rollins apologizing and the main event was blah. No real storylines were advanced in this episode. It came off as a filler episode, which makes no sense with a Pay-Per-View less than two weeks away.

Flair, McIntyre, and Mitchell Lyons saved the show from receiving my worst grade ever.

Instead, I give this week’s RAW a 2.25 out of 5.

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