On this week’s RAW, Paige returned, all four of the champions were in action, and the King’s Court turned into Divorce Court. What a jam-packed episode!

The Kabuki Warriors kicked off the show (more on that below), Seth Rollins faced Erik Rowan in a falls count anywhere match. The match went up the steps and into the concourse. Rowan looked strong throughout the match before Rollins picked up the win, thanks to the help of a forklift.

I decided to change things up this week. Instead of breaking down every segment, I picked out three things I liked and one thing I did not like.

1: The continued push of Andrade

Anyone who has followed this site knows that I love Andrade and think he should have been a champion a long time ago. That hasn’t happened, but it finally seems like we are on a path that will lead to a championship (fingers crossed).

Since being moved to RAW, Andrade has appeared and wrestled on three straight shows and won all three matches. Last week, rumors came that Paul Heyman wanted to “protect” Andrade, and so far, he has. Perhaps soon, Andrade will challenge AJ Styles for the US Title? I sure hope so, those two would have an excellent match on a pay-per-view.

The other part of this segment I enjoyed about this was that once again, Zelina Vega was involved. Last week, she helped Andrade win, so this week, Sin Cara brought down backup to the ring. Carolina threw Vega into the barrier, but that distraction was enough for Andrade to pick up the win, those his feet were on the ropes. Possibly the addition of Carolina will give Vega a 1-on-1 match or even a mixed-matched tag team? Either way, I’m happy Andrade and Vega are getting the respect they’ve earned.

2: The return of the IIconics!

I missed this duo! The IIconics are one of the only actual women’s tag teams in WWE, as they were not forced into being a team. They haven’t been around since dropping the titles. The IIconics lost a match to Natalya and Charlotte Flair. I would’ve liked to have seen them get the win and start to build momentum, but they looked strong in the opportunity they were given.

3: Divorce Court

A lot of people voiced their displeasure on Twitter about this segment, but I enjoyed it. How can you not enjoy a good love triangle storyline? Jerry “The King” Lawler was excellent during the segment. Lana called Rusev a “sex addict.” Lana then says Rusev wanted to have a baby very badly, but that would hurt her modeling career. Lana said she makes money by “being the most ravishing women, not by being mama Rusev.”

After “The King” calls her out on that, Lana said Bobby Lashley told her Rusev cheated on her. This brings out Lashley, and he and Rusev have a brawl that ends with Lashley delivering a punch and then a kick that will prevent Rusev from having kids for a long time.

Twitter may not have liked this (they never like anything anyways), but the live crowd sure did! During the segment, the crowd seemed to enjoy it as Rusev received several chants, while Lana was booed heavily. Who knew Rusev being labeled a sex addict in 2019 would get over?

One thing I didn’t like: Becky Lynch defeats Kairi Sane

A lot of people enjoyed this match, but I didn’t. When this matched was announced, I was excited because I thought it would be a good chance for Sane to show off her in-ring ability. However, Lynch got in far too much offense for my liking. She dominated probably 90 percent of the match, and Sane didn’t get a lot of offense in. Sane didn’t even attempt the majestic elbow drop, which was a disappointment.

Part of me not liking this segment might be my Becky Lynch fatigue. She did not need the win and should have dropped the belt months ago. This was a chance to build Sane, and they missed the opportunity.

Also, Asuka and Sane turned on manager Paige before the match. This was well executed (Paige did an outstanding job), and Paige wasn’t necessary for the tag team, but it was sad to see her turned on in her return.

Overall, this RAW wasn’t bad. The matches were pretty good, and the crowd was behind “divorce court.” I really think RAW needs a refresh. All three of the primary titleholders (Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and Becky Lynch) drop their titles. It’s time to get some new blood holding those titles and let those three chase the belts. Until that happens, I think we RAW will remain in the above average, solid show category.

I give this week a 3.5 out of 5.

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