Dynamite kicked off with Private Party and the Lucha Brothers already in the ring, ready to square off with a spot in finals on the line.

Marq Quen and Rey Fenix began in the ring, with gaining the upper hand early on. Rey would slow down Quen, and then he and Pentagon teamed up on Quen in the corner. It took some time, but Private Party would re-gain control, and Quen would hit a high-flying dive off the top rope to the outside, which got the crowd going!

Private Party kept up the high-flying offense, and Quen hit a 540 splash, which was good for a two-count. But Fenix would tag back in and slowed the pace back down. Fenix would then hit an incredible-looking moonsault from the top rope that took out Kassidy on the outside.

Kassidy jumped over the top rope, landing on the middle rope and hitting a hurricanrana, then hit a moonsault on Pentagon before jumping back onto the apron picked up a near fall on Fenix with the springboard crucifix driver for a near fall! Kassidy then would hit a tornillo over the top rope, then Quen went back to the top rope to hit a shooting star press, but again Fenix kicks out at two.

The Lucha Bros would momentarily gain the edge before Private Party would hit Gin and Juice, but Fenix was not the legal man. Private Party would go for Gin and Juice again, but Pentagon hit a destroyer. Quen gets up only to be kicked in the face by Fenix, and then Pentagon hits an arm breaker. Lucha Bros then double stomp package piledriver and Pentagon rolled into the cover for the win.

Boy, this was a high-flying, big move match. The Lucha Bros always seem to rise to the occasion, and Private Party looked good even in defeat. The tag division on AEW is in pretty good shape.

Below is what happened on the rest of the show, followed by my rating:

Dark Order vs. SCU (Tag Team Championship Tournament Semifinals): 

These tag teams were put in a very tough spot, as they had to follow an excellent tag-team match. SCU is a well-established tag team, but the Dark Order does not seem to move the needle for the crowd.

The Dark Order was in control through the commercial break, cutting the ring in half and not allowing Scorpio Sky to make it back to his corner. But as the match went on, members of the Inner Circle walked through the crowd, taking the attention away from the match.

Sky was able to hit a neck breaker, and Frankie Kazarian ran wild in the ring, which included a wicked-looking leg drop from the top rope. After a near fall,  Kazarian went to the top rope but was taken out by Stu Grayson. Later SCU would hit a pair of diamond cutters but could not pick up the win.

Finally, toward the end, the crowd was invested in the match. SCU would hit Evil Uno with a pop-up DDT on the apron, and then Kazarian hit Grayson with the SCU Later for the win.

We have the finals for the AEW World Tag Team championship set up with the Lucha Bros vs. SCU. This tournament has done a solid job of establishing this tag division in the long run.

Kenny Omega vs. Joey Janela: 

These two men had an incredible match two weeks ago on AEW Dark, which was an unsanctioned match where the win-loss record did not get affected. Kenny was able to get in his offense early before Janela would gain control, going to the top rope and hitting a dive onto Kenny, which drove him to the floor.

Even out of the commercial break, Janela remained on the attack, once again going to the top rope and hitting an elbow, but only got a two-count. Janela spent too much time showboating, and Omega regained control. Kenny hit a running knee for a two-count.

Janela, though, was up to the task and countered Omega’s move set and even nearly picked up the win off a wicked clothesline. But he went to the top rope and missed a senton, landing on the apron hard.

This misstep allowed Omega to hit a V-Trigger and the One-Winged Angel for the win. Omega put on another stellar performance, but Janela proved once again he can hang with the big boys in AEW.

Cody and Jericho come to blows: 

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to interview Cody about his World Title match at Full Gear. But before Cody can begin talking, the inner circle begins to blare air horns from their luxury box.

Cody teases a significant announcement, but Jericho grabs a microphone and begins to boo Cody. But Cody responds with, “this isn’t like the other wrestling company we came from, I can easily come up there, and we can fight right here.” Yet another shot at WWE, which got the crowd into a frenzy. Jericho calls Cody a coward and an entitled millennial little b*tch.

Cody teases, going up into the crowd to fight Jericho but stops. That’s when his brother, Dustin Rhodes music hits, and now it is 4-on-2. But before long, MJF came out to now make it 4-on-3, and then DDP evened the odds.

The Rhodes clan makes their way up through the crowd, and Cody (with the help of MJF’s scarf) punches through the glass door the Inner Circle were hiding behind, and the champion and challenger went at it in the concourse. Cody and his circle stood tall in the end, and this was a great segment to build toward the title match at Full Gear.

Young Bucks vs. Best Friends: 

This was an overall solid match. Young Bucks were looking to rebound after their loss two weeks ago, while the Best Friends were looking to establish themselves in this tag division.

Best Friends stopped the Bucks after they both attempted a baseball slide to the outside, and Orange Cassidy served as a distraction for the Best Friends. Back from the commercial, Beretta was hitting German suplexes left and right. Chuck Taylor then picked up a two-count off of a falcon arrow. Best Friends then hug in the middle of the ring, and Orange Cassidy hit a dive to the outside, and the crowd went wild!

Nick Jackson broke up a pin with a senton from the top rope, but the Best Friends were in control. That was until Matt landed on his feet off of the electric chair, which began their SuperKick Party. The Bucks then won with the More Bang for your Buck!

Bucks then grab a microphone and accept the challenge from Santana and Ortiz.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. vs. Jamie Hayter: 

It was a homecoming for the Doctor. Baker made her way down to the ring with the roar of the crowd in “Brittsburgh” echoing throughout the arena. Once the match began, Hayter came out swinging, but Baker quickly turned around and went on the attack.

On the outside, Hayter slams Baker into the barricade, but Britt fought back as the match went into a commercial break. Out of the break, the two women traded blows before Hayter locked in a sleeper hold before Baker escaped. The two traded blows once again before Hayter hit a Michinoku Driver for a two-count.

Hayter gets another two-count off a lariat, but she then ran into a superkick and then a stunner from Baker before the Doctor hit a swinging neck breaker for a two-count. Baker then finished off the match with her signature lockjaw submission.

Brandi Rhodes is backstage and takes out Hayter, okay then!

PAC vs. Moxley:

PAC did not even wait until the bell rang to attack John Moxley, and once the match began, PAC wasted little time hitting a corkscrew tope. After the break, Moxley planted PAC on his head courtesy of a bulldog. PAC somehow got back to his feet in no time, but Moxley lays him out with a big lariat.

Moxley hit a suicide dive just before the ring announcer let us know there were only five minutes left in the program. With four minutes left, Moxley locked in the Cloverleaf submission, and just as the announcer let us know three minutes were remaining, PAC hit an Avalanche Falcon Arrow from the top rope.

Pac then hit a 450 splash from the apron to the floor and then went up to the top rope for the Black Arrow, but took too much time, and Moxley rolled out the way with just one minute to go.

Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift but was slow to cover PAC, and once he applied the cover, there were just ten seconds left, and Moxley covered PAC, but he kicked out, and the match ended in a draw. Moxley was incensed and hit the Paradigm Shift on the referee and said, “time limit my ass!” as the show went off the air.

This show was mainly focused on the tag team division, as half the matches featured AEW’s best tag teams. The brawl between Cody and Jericho was great, and PAC and Moxley had a stellar match, though I am not a fan of the time limit draw. Overall though, a solid showing for AEW Dynamite.

My rating: 4 out 5


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