The draft night part two! After tonight, there will be no more “Wild Card Rule,” as superstars will be brand exclusive. How did the rest of the draft go, what was the “blockbuster” trade? Find out how the draft and Monday Night RAW went below.

Note: I am going to list all the draft picks first and then rank the rest of the show. I will give some thoughts on a pick or two from each round.

First round:

  1. Seth Rollins
  2. Brock Lesnar
  3. Charlotte Flair

Sometimes the obvious pick is the right pick. Well-done “USA Network.” I am a little surprised she did not get drafted to Smackdown, considering she “represented the brand” in the first match. However, when a 10-time champion and the best women in the division is available, you take her.

  1. The New Day
  2. Andrade with Zelina Vega

YES!!! LOVE THIS PICK! Although I think he ends up on Smackdown in a trade, this reminds me of the Drew McIntyre pick on day one. If you take someone in round one, that means you love them and want to push them. I have been clamoring for an Andrade push for over a year now. I sure think it’s coming soon if he stays on RAW.

Second Round:

  1. The Kabuki Warriors
  2. Daniel Bryan

This was expected. Although I really would have liked to see Bryan get a reset and switch shows, Smackdown made a good pick. Bryan is excellent in the ring, on the mic and can do anything.

  1. Rusev
  2. Bayley
  3. Aleister Black

Very exciting pick here. Black brings TONS of upside. I think he can do a lot of different things on RAW that he couldn’t do on Smackdown. There were rumors that Paul Heymen wanted Black, so I think he had some influence on this pick.


Third Round:

  1. Cedric Alexander
  2. Shinsuke Nakamura with Sami Zayn

IC champion goes in the third round? Smackdown got excellent value here. Sami Zayn to go with is a nice addition. Another obvious but good pick.

  1. Humberto Carrillo
  2. Ali
  3. Erick Rowan

Literally, I have never heard of Humberto. Don’t think he was even on Mel Kiper’s Big Board. Perhaps the USA Network has some scouts that have seen something, but I don’t like the pick. Could have gotten him as an UDFA. Ali, Joe, and Corbin were better picks.

Fourth Round:

  1. Buddy Murphy
  2. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler
  3. Jinder Mahal

This is a MAJOR reach by the “USA Network.” I know Mahal brings championship experience, but Mahal could have gone two rounds later. Fire and Desire would have been a better pick.

  1. Carmella
  2. R-Truth

Carmella and R-Truth have officially been split up!!! Very sad. In all seriousness, glad she gets to stay with Corey Graves. A solid mid-round pick by Smackdown.

Fifth Round:

  1. Samoa Joe
  2. The Miz
  3. Akira Tozawa
  4. King Corbin
  5. Shelton Benjamin

STEAL OF THE DRAFT!!!! GREAT pick. Joe has a high upside and can be in the Universal Title picture when appropriately used. The injury allowed Joe to slide down the draft. Good pick. Say what you want about Corbin, but to get a very good mid-card heel with the 24 picks on day two is excellent value. Corbin can’t carry a show, but he won’t need to on a star-studded Friday Night Smackdown.

Sixth Round:

  1. Rey Mysterio
  2. Shorty Gable

Hate the name, like the pick. Gable has been booked strongly over the past few weeks. I am glad he got drafted. He will provide Smackdown with some excellent value in the last round.

  1. Titus O’Neil
  2. Elias

What a fall it has been for Elias. From greatest acquisition in Smackdown history to drafted in the last round.

  1. Liv Morgan

Miss. Irrelevant! Really like that, Liv got drafted. She has been off TV and forgotten about since WrestleMania. Can’t complain about getting someone with Liv’s upside with the 60 overall picks.

And that is the draft. Overall, not a lot of surprises. RAW did a lot better than I expected they would do. There was no trade announced, but I expect one to be announced in the next day or so. I think it involves the Fiend and either Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair. We will see.

Here is the rest of the show, in order of how it happened.

Becky Lynch Gives RAW the Number One Pick

This was supposed to be Becky vs. Sasha Banks; however, Banks was not medically cleared to wrestle, so instead, it was Flair. The winner of the match got the number one pick for their show. The announcers really put over the fact that Flair wanted to get the win for her show; ya know the one she hasn’t been drafted to yet.

I know these two have wrestled multiple times every month for the past year, but once again, they put on a really good match. Flair hit Lynch with a spear, and it looked like that would be a winner, but Lynch kicked out. Lynch rolled up Flair to give her the win and RAW the first overall pick.

Andrade beats Ali

As I said above, I am thrilled Andrade was a first-round pick. He got an opportunity to showcase himself in this match. These two have excellent chemistry and put on an excellent match.

The theme of this show became giving people RAW drafted a chance on TV to show what they can do. Andrade has Universal Champion upside. I hope they give him a chance.

Experience A Title!!

After being drafted to RAW on Friday, The Viking Raiders took on the champions Dolph Zigger and Robert Roode. What a performance the Viking Raiders put on!!! The duo hit spots that I honestly did not think they were capable of hitting.

The Vikings Raiders got over with the crowd, who were chanting for them during the match. I give credit to Zigger and Roode, they did a nice job, but the story of the match was The Raiders.

I am interested to see what they do with the belts.

Aleister Black vs. Eric Young

Black looked sharp, I forgot Young was even in the company. This was short; move on nothing to see here.

Ricochet vs. Shelton Benjamin

This was a surprisingly good match. Benjamin continues to deliver solid matches when given the opportunity. Ricochet should have gotten the win and did. He looked good. An underrated match.

Tyson Fury-Braun Strowman contract signing

This was stupid. They both signed the contract, Strowman destroyed the table, Fury broke a pencil. Yes, you read that correctly. Pretty pointless segment.

Buddy Burial Continues

Buddy Murphy took on Cedric Alexander next in a rematch from their 205 Live days. Both guys looked strong and showcased what they are capable of doing. I was impressed. I’d like to see what both of these guys could do in the future.

It’s evident that Murphy is not going to get a push anytime soon. He did something to upset Vince. It’s a shame because he has talent.

Natalya Ya Nasty:

I wish this had been Liv. Natalya is established enough where she should be putting others over. Lacey doesn’t need that, Liv could have benefited by this. Plus, the theme of the show had been letting people RAW drafted showcase themselves.

Evans, a Smackdown superstar, and Natalya just finished a long and bitter rivalry that ended in a last women-standing match at Hell In A Cell. Why are they best friends so soon? Didn’t make sense, I am glad Evans and the Kabuki Warriors got TV time, just not altogether with Natalya.

During the match, Evans was set up for the “hot tag,” although it didn’t work because the crowd was dead during the match. Evans received the tag, but I wish Evans, the heel would have jumped down and not tagged in the match. That would’ve been better. The Kabuki Warriors got the expected and much-needed win.

Seth Burns It Down

The main event was an episode of the Firefly Fun House. Early on in the show, Rollins promised to go find and attack The Fiend. After a minute, Rollins finds Bray Wyatt. The two have an intense staredown, and then Rollins goes after Wyatt.

The two brawl and then Rollins, with Wyatt on the ground, says “Burn it down” and then sets the Fun House on fire as the show goes off the air. This was a good ending to the show. Someone finally infiltrated the Fun House, and we should see The Fiend in full force next week. Good finish.

Overall, this was a fine show. RAW did very well in the draft, getting Rollins AND Flair. I also thought they got the steal of the night in Samoa Joe. That was a great pick in the 20’s.

Although the matches did not have a lot of build behind them, it was fun to see a lot of different faces on the show. I enjoyed that.

I wish Fire and Desire would have gotten drafted, but other than that, I can’t argue with many selections. The “blockbuster trade” that will be announced on Tuesday night should be fun.

Overall, a solid show, nothing specular but nothing horrendous. I give the show a 3.5 out of five.

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