Roman vs. Seth kicked off Smackdown to determine who has the No. 1 overall draft pick. This is a Wrestlemania caliber match that we saw on free TV!

These two men know each other very well, and we saw that here, as each man countered, moves back and forth. This was a neat bit of storytelling.

After the commercial break, Roman and Seth traded blows before the Big Dog picked Rollins up and delivered a huge powerbomb. But Rollins kicked out and would then hit a pair of high-flying suicide dives.

Rollins stayed on the attack as he hoisted Reigns up and hit the buckle bomb, but Roman immediately countered with a superman punch.

The match then looked over when Roman went for the spear, and Rollins turned it into a modified pedigree! Roman kicked out at two. But as Rollins fired himself up for the Stomp, the lights went dark, and The Fiend dragged Rollins through the ring!

This ended the match, but Rollins popped back up from the ring with The Fiend looking on ominously.

The draft gets underway:

Raw takes Becky No. 1 overall
Roman is the first pick for Smackdown
Raw’s second pick of the first round was the O.C.
Smackdown gets The Fiend with their 2nd pick!
Drew McIntyre selected with Raw’s final pick of round one.

King Corbin vs. Gable:

First off, the fact that Chad Gable is now called Shorty Gable is flat out ridiculous.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve never been a massive fan of Corbin, but he’s really come along way in the ring. He and Gable have good chemistry in the ring, and I’ve actually enjoyed this mini-feud.

After the break, Gable had a series of kicks the connected and then went to the top rope and hit a moonsault. Gable then suplexed Corbin and got a two-count.

Gable later locked in the ankle lock and then went for a pin on Corbin, but The King kicked out and hit the End of Days for the win.

WWE Draft continues:

The second round kicked off with Randy Orton going to Raw
Sasha Banks to Smackdown
Ricochet is Raw’s second pick of round two
Braun Strowman to Smackdown
The final pick of round two was Bobby Lashley going to Raw

Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez:

Paul Heyman was out here to talk about Lesnar’s loss to Cain Velasquez back in 2010. Heyman then said Brock Lesnar conquers his fears, and he will take down the nightmare of his past as he faces Velasquez at Crown Jewel.

But just before Heyman delivered his “it’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler line,” Rey Mysterio and Velasquez appeared on the stage. Velasquez told Brock in three weeks he was going to give him a scar to match the other one he gave him in their last fight.

This match definitely has a big fight feel, but I would rather see this match at Survivor Series than Crown Jewel.

New Day vs. The OC:

Weird to see Kofi back in this role with the New Day doesn’t seem like he even cared about the loss last week. Makes him sort of look foolish.

Before the match, the New Day recognized a cancer survivor. A very touching moment.

The O.C. began the match by throwing around Xavier Woods. But after the break, Kofi would tag in and run wild for a bit and even hit a cross body on Styles.

There was a scrum in the ring with all six men, but Kofi and Styles would remain the legal competitors. These two would counter each other’s best moves before Kofi was finally able to hit the Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Good to see Kofi get a pin on Styles after his loss last week to Lesnar.

Round Three and Four of the Draft:

Third round kicks off with Alexa Bliss going to Raw
Smackdown takes Lacey Evans
Raw selected Kevin Owens with the second pick of round three
Smackdown then took The Revival
Raw ended round three by taking Natalya

Raw began the fourth round with the Viking Raiders
Smackdown then took Lucha House Party
Nikki Cross heading to Raw
Smackdown selects Heavy Machinery
Raw finished the draft by taking the Street Profits

Charlotte vs. Bayley:

With Charlotte in the ring already, Bayley got ready to make her signature entrance. However, she paused and then revealed a new look and then took out her Bayley buddies one-by-one.

Bayley brought the fight right to Charlotte, and I am loving the new attitude she is showing. Bayley looked laser-focused and had her eyes on the prize.

Charlotte, though, would fight back, first dropping Bayley to the outside and then connecting on a moonsault off of the barricade! Back in the ring, Bayley would counter with her Bayley to Belly and nearly won the title.

Flair would try for another moonsault but would stop short to avoid Bayley’s knees and turned it into a Boston crab. But Bayley would go back on the attack and hit a massive elbow drop from the top, but Charlotte would kick out at two.

This would make Bayley flip out, complaining to the referee. This distraction would allow Charlotte to hit her natural selection finisher, but Bayley would grab Flair’s hair and roll her up for the win!

Bayley would grab a microphone and tell the fans, “screw all of you!” Well, it looks like the heel turn is complete for Bayley, and I officially love this new attitude. Her act as that squeaky clean babyface had been entirely ruined by WWE, and Bayley as a heel seems like money to me.

As for Charlotte, this is her third straight title reign that lasted under two weeks! It is clear WWE wants to get Flair to match (or break) her dad’s title record, but these insignificant title reigns are making Flair look REAL bad.

Overall this show felt all over the place. The main focus of the show was the draft, but that part did not feel like such a big deal. The Fiend coming out of the ring to attack Rollins was a cool visual, but where does it lead? And I love the new attitude the Bayley has, as she feels on the same level now as the other horsewomen, but Charlotte looks awful with another short title reign.

Smackdown for me this week: 3 out of 5.


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