After an explosive opening week, AEW Dynamite was back for Week 2 on TNT and this show did not disappoint,

Young Bucks vs. Private Party: 

This match started out at a quick pace, which favored Private Party, but before long, the experienced team of the Young Bucks would take over the match. Marq Quen of Private Party then went on an absolute tear, landing multiple dives on the outside, and each trip over the top ropes was more advanced than the previous one. This left the crowd in an absolute frenzy.

After a near fall for Private Party, Matt and Nick Jackson regained momentum with a flurry of Super Kicks. Then Matt Jackson hoisted Isiah Kassidy up and hit him with a thunderous powerbomb onto the steel ramp. The Bucks, with the numbers advantage, would hit a combination powerbomb/neck breaker off the top rope, very cool spot!

The Bucks then slowed the pace of this match down and took control. Just when it looked like Kassidy was going to get the hot tag, Nick Jackson pulled him off the apron just before Quen got to the corner. Kassidy would eventually find his way into this match, and despite going on a bit of a run, his back was still an issue from that earlier powerbomb.

Kassidy then somehow survived a sharpshooter from Matt Jackson, and this began the final sequence of the match, as Quen would get a blind tag, and then Private Party hit the Gin and Juice (impressive move!) Then Quen would make his wake to the top rope for a shooting star press, but Matt Jackson kicked out at two!

The Bucks regained the edge off that near fall and set up what looked to be the Meltzer Driver, but Kassidy grabbed Nick Jackson off the apron. This led Quen to rollup Matt Jackson for the win! Definitely a surprise here! I guess AEW knows what they have in the Young Bucks and wanted to put over a younger, lesser-known team, and I like that. Overall this was a fantastic tag team match.

The Inner Circle: 

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho made his way out the ring next, but he was not alone. LAX, Sammy Guevera, and Jake Hager were all flanking the world champion. This entrance made Jericho look like a million bucks.

Once all five men were in the ring, Jericho began cutting a promo, letting us all know who exactly was in the ring with him. He put over Sammy Guevara (a Spanish God according to Jericho) as well as Santana and Ortiz (who Jericho called psychopaths and street fighter back alley brutes).

Then Jericho got to the man who debuted last week, Jake Hager. Before Jericho began talking, the crowd erupted into a “We the people!” chant, referring to Hager’s days as Jack Swagger in WWE. Jericho killed that chant, though, saying it sucks, and it is dead and buried because it was a stupid idea from bad creative. Well, that’s what we like to call a shot across the bow.

Jericho then turned his attention to his Cody, his opponent at Full Gear, next month. Chris said that Cody was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he does not like his entire family. Jericho did not mince words here and made his feelings quite clear.

Jimmy Havoc vs. Darby Allin: 

The winner here would face Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship next week on Dynamite. Each man got in a quick near fall at the beginning of this match, then Havoc suplexes Allin to the floor. Back in the ring, Havoc worked over Allin, targeting his hands and fingers, even going so far as to bite his hand while down on the mat.

Out of the commercial break, Havoc was still in control of the match, tossing Allin all around the ring, eventually hitting a Tiger Driver 98 for a near fall. The match turned in Allin’s favor when he gave Havoc a taste of his own medicine by biting his hand. Allin then stunned Havoc and went to the top rope to hit a coffin drop and picked up the win.

This match surely had its high spots, but Allin only got in a handful of offensive moves and got beat down for the majority of the match. I don’t know if you want that for a guy who is going to take on the top champion next week.

Emi Sakura and Bea Priestley vs. Riho and Britt Baker: 

Riho got thrown around the ring by Sakura early on in this match. Bea Priestley then was tagged into the match and went right after Britt Baker, knocking her to the outside and then throwing her into the guardrail.

Baker fought back and then took out both women on the outside. This set up Riho to hit the crossbody on Sakura and Priestley, which she nailed on the outside. After the break, Sakura would take over the match as she worked over Britt Baker, hitting chops on the doctor.

The match turned in Baker’s favor when hit a ripcord elbow strike and a neckbreaker, which led to Baker locking her submission maneuver, then got Sakura to tap by using the mandible claw. Baker did not have much time to celebrate, though, as Priestley attacked her post-match.

Rightfully so, Baker looks to be in the Women’s title picture and also has her hands full with Priestley.

Moxley vs. Spears: 

Two former WWE guys that have found solid footing in AEW. Moxley came right out and got in the face of Spears, but Tully Blanchard was there to run a bit of interference. The match then made its way to the outside, where Moxley would take over until Blanchard once again interfered and later shoved Moxley into the steel steps.

This allowed Spears to gain the advantage and would toss Moxley into the steel barricade. After the commercial break, Moxley and Spears were back in the ring, and the two each picked up a near fall. The finish was rather good as Spears would receive a headbutt from Moxley, but would regain focus and picked Moxley up for a DVD, but that was countered into a Paradigm Shift for the win.

Moxley barely caught his breath when Kenny Omega appeared on the ramp, holding a barbed wire bat and broom. Omega would toss the bat to Moxley (which fired up the crowd), but the staredown was cut short by PAC running in to attack Omega. Moxley had the chance to take his shot a Kenny but chose to walk away, an interesting bit of character work. Overall a great segment that advanced two storylines.

Hangman/Dustin Rhodes vs. Jericho/Guevara: 

Rhodes did not even wait until the bell, as he went after Jericho and attacked him outside the ring. The tandem of Rhodes & Page dominated this match in the early going as they both worked over Guevara. Jericho opened the door for his team when he pulled Page off the top rope and allowed Guevara to go on the attack.

After the break, it was Jericho’s turn to unleash an offensive attack. He and Guevara got in some offense, but Page would fight back, eventually nailing Guevara with a hellacious discus clothesline. Page then would hit a moonsault from the top rope, but Jake Hager was there to take out Page.

Back in the ring, Rhodes was unleashing on Jericho, until a distraction by Guevara allowed Hager to get into the ring and run over Dustin. In the corner, Jericho caught his breath and nailed the Judas Effect for the win.

The Inner Circle would then begin to beat down Dustin, but Hangman got back into the mix, and he threw a chair at Hager, which caught him square in the face! Those two fought up the ramp, and then the light went dark. When they came back on, Cody was standing behind an unsuspecting Guevara, who he hit with a Cross Rhodes before locking eyes with his opponent at Full Gear.

But LAX would run down to attack Cody and Dustin alongside Jericho. Then another body was added into the mix when MJF came down dressed to the nines holding a steel chair. While the Inner Circle tried to bait MJF into hitting Cody, he used the chair to take out LAX and Jericho.

Oh, but wait, there was more! Jericho hit MJF with a codebreaker, and the Inner Circle was back on the attack. Young Bucks came down to help out, delivering a few Super Kicks of their own. Just when this may lay looked to be over, Darby Allin came down the ramp on a skateboard to nail Jericho with a knee strike. The faces stood tall, but Jericho got in the last words as Dynamite went off the air.

Boy, this was a jampacked episode. The opening tag team match and Jericho’s promo really got the crowd into the show. While the women’s match was still solid, the crowd was not locked in, but they picked back up for the Moxley match and of course, that chaotic main event sequence.

This show I think topped last weeks in my eyes. What do you all think?

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