This week’s Smackdown Live kicks off with a bunch of graphics; actually facing the right way tonight, telling us what was coming up. Glad the WWE got that fixed overnight.

The action got started right away with the New Day taking on The Revival and Randy Orton. This screams 50/50 booking with the New Days winning. We shall see. The New Day got off to a crazy strong start, as they dominated the first few minutes. We come back from commercial, and the heels are working over Xavier Woods. How predictable.

We get another ad-break, and as soon as we get back, Kofi Kingston gets the “hot tag” from Woods. Right as Kingston is going to fly, Orton hits Kingston with a DDT. Woods takes off from the top rope and flies across the ring, hitting an elbow. Kingston hits the Trouble in Paradise and the New Day wins. Yep as expected 50/50 booking. It was nice to see all three of The New Day together, but this was your standard tag team match. Nothing special.

OH WAIT! Brock Lesnar is here!!

As The New Day is celebrating their win, Lesnar’s music hits and he and Paul Hayman walkout. This really is the “A-Show!” Hayman and Lesnar stand there for several minutes. Kingston sends Woods and Big E out of the ring and then Hayman and Lesnar walk into the ring.

Hayman says he has been informed to tell Kingston face-to-face “It’s a bad day for the New Day yes it is.” Hayman says Lesnar is challenging Kingston to a match on Friday, October 4, the premier of Smackdown Live on FOX! Kingston accepts, and Lesnar hits him with an F-5. Cool. Lesnar is going to wrestle on free TV! Maybe it is a new era, after all.

After the very predictable match, Lesnar showing up was unpredicted and cool. I think we all know how that match ends, but still, that was a nice change of pace.

Below is what happened on the rest of the show, starting with my favorite segment.

Shane’s Served:

Shane comes into the ring and immediately lets Owens into the ring to talk about their situation. McMahon says Owens has served him the largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history, for $25 million! Owens tells McMahon he has a strong case because Shane is a hypocrite (not fining himself for putting his hands on an official) and Owens has not been insubordinate because he did what Shane told him to do the last week.

Owens then said there is another clause in there that when he wins, he can “stand there in the center of the ring and tell Shane YOU’RE FIRED!!”

I’m actually intrigued by this! I thought this storyline was about over and there would be no payoff. However, now, I am interested in and reinvested in it. I actually want to see where this goes.

Carmella Saves Charlotte:

This should be a fantastic match. I could not wait for it. Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks two have put on some classics in the past and can do it again now on Free TV. And since WWE was in Atlanta, rapper Offset was in the building sporting a fancy-looking Nature Boy robe.

Although shorter than I hoped this was an excellent TV match. Charlotte was fantastic all throughout the match. Charlotte hit Sasha and Bayley with a Moonsault off the top rope and had other good strong spots.

Naturally, Bayley got involved throughout the match and caused the DQ finish. Banks and Bayley started to beatdown “The Queen” when Carmella came out for the save. Mella and Flair then attacked Banks and Bayley.

Carmella coming out was a nice change and refreshing. I am glad it wasn’t Lynch. Happy they are giving someone else airtime and a chance in the Women’s division. I hope Carmella can take advantage of it.

Not what I hoped it could have been, but it was a good match. The only thing I didn’t like was that for the second night in a row, Bayley and Sasha, who are trying to build credibility as heels, were left looking weak outside of the ring, victims of an attack. I wish they were built up more and look stronger.

Rowan and Harper Destroy EVERYTHING!

Bryan comes out and says he has never lied to the fans and has been “exonerated from all charges.” Bryan says he and Rowan are friends and that during their run together he saw and treated him as his equal.

This brings out Erick Rowan. Rowan says Bryan never asked him how he felt about anything and once again says he won’t be disrespected.

Bryan tells Rowan to “do something about it.” And that there is nothing he can do that is worse than breaking their friendship. Luke Harper appears from behind and attacks Bryan. Right before the onslaught could get underway, Roman Reigns comes out. Reigns get in some offense, and then Harper and Rowan take over.

The former “Bludgeon Brothers” destroy everything from the ring to mats, chairs, the commentary desks and more.

Before fading to black, Rowan says, “We will not be disrespected.”

King Corbin’s coronation: 

After winning the King of the Ring tournament the night before, Baron Corbin was here on Smackdown to be officially crowned as the King of the Ring.

Corbin did not get far into his speech, when his opponent from the night before, Chad Gable, interrupted the proceedings.

Gable had heard enough from Corbin, and the crowd was entirely behind the babyface here. Chad would destroy the robe and crown of Corbin’s, who was beside himself outside of the ring.

Before this tournament, Gable was forgotten about and given little air-time. Now he is getting an actual babyface reaction from the crowd, and Corbin is getting heel heat instead of “go away” heat.

Cole and Rowan:

Rowan is not a natural talker, and it showed during this segment. But he tried and got better throughout the interview. Rowan said the attacks on Roman were meant to “scare the man.” Rowan went on to say he wanted to “Change his perceived dominance he thinks he has. Show him it is merely an illusion.”

Rowan said he is a “leader” and not a follower and that he is far superior intellectually to Daniel Bryan.

As I said, Rowan is not a natural talker, so this was not the best segment, but he did well considering.

The Poor B-Team:

Heavy Machinery defeats the B-Team in a very short match. It was nothing special, and Heavy Machinery looked strong.

Ali vs. Shinsuke Disappoints:

Sami Zayn talks for a few minutes and boy he is still annoying as can be. This will be a good match. I hope he doesn’t speak all throughout it.

And of course, we don’t get an actual match.

Zayn goes after Ali, and despite his best efforts, Ali cannot overcome the tandem of Shinsuke and Zayn. Shinsuke hits him with the Kinshasa.

HATE THIS DECISION!! I’m not a huge Ali fan, but I was actually looking forward to this match. Could have been a very nice TV match.

Before the commercial, Kevin Owens is shown walking throughout the crowd and then takes a seat. The camera cuts to Shane McMahon watching and then was handed a folder and the guy says “Shane McMahon, you’ve been served.” Hmmmmm

I don’t quite know what to make of this episode of Smackdown Live. There were a few surprises (Lesnar and Carmella), and the Shane McMahon-Kevin Owens segment has potential. But the first match was too predictable, Sasha-Charlotte could have been better, and I didn’t care too much for the main event.

It has some good moments and then several moments I didn’t like. I’m feeling generous so, I am going to give this episode a 2.5 out of 5. It was just average.

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