Night No. 2 in Madison Square Garden kicked off with the legendary Undertaker. This man has been in WWE longer than I’ve been alive, but this entrance is still bone-chilling.

The deadman was out here to take a trip down memory lane, but during this promo, Sami Zayn of all people would interrupt Undertaker.

I guess Sami Zayn has a death wish.

Zayn said he should have been the one to open Smackdown Live because he is the future.

Undertaker looked less than thrilled and would drop Zayn with a ferocious chokeslam. What a way to begin Smackdown!

What took place on the rest of Smackdown Live? Find out how I ranked the rest of the show followed by my rating.
King of the Ring semifinal gets chaotic: 

Elias suffered an “injury” and was unable to compete, but just like last year with the Best in the World tournament, Shane McMahon inserted himself into this tournament.

However, the caveat here was Kevin Owens was the special guest referee. This match was only a few minutes old when Owens pulled a fast one on McMahon and gave Gable the quick count victory.

But as only Shane McMahon could, he made this match a two out of three falls match.

As the match continued, KO was conflicted and would slow-count Gable and fast-counted for McMahon to try and give him the win. But in the end, it would not matter as Shane would tap out to the ankle lock.

McMahon, furious that he lost, attacked Owens from behind and then fired him right as Smackdown went off the air.

Nice cliffhanger going into next week.

Kofi takes a trip down memory lane: 

Kofi Kingston has his hands full with Randy Orton, but he was here to give the fans at MSG a reminder what he did there 10 years ago.

However, Orton was out there to call a Kofi “stupid!” and to make fun of his career. The Viper then lured Kofi into the crowd and the two traded chair shots.

Then in a neat spot, Kofi re-created the iconic scene from a decade ago. He laid Orton on a table and went into the crowd to deliver a punishing leg drop.

Rowan takes out Roman again: 

This seemingly never-ending saga had its next chapter written when Rowan was interrupted by the Big Dog.

Roman marched to the ring with a purpose and sought revenge for the hellacious beatdown Rowan gave him last week.

These two massive men took their personal brawl out into the MSG crowd. Roman hit back-to-back Superman punches, but Rowan countered by hurling a fan onto Reigns.

The brawl continued onto the stage, where Rowan delivered the final blow by swinging a camera crane and connecting hard with Roman.

Rowan sent a clear message to the Big Dog heading into their match Sunday.

Bayley vs. Moon:

This match was set up by an earlier interaction, where Moon questioned the actions of Bayley since her BFF Sasha Banks returned.

However, most of the match took place within a commercial break. While Moon has all the potential in the world, this match was indeed about giving Bayley another win before her title clash with Charlotte on Sunday.

This new attitude of Bayley’s is one many fans have been wanting for quite some time. Now may not be the best time to take the belt off her.

Miz picks up a key win: 

Interncontinal Champion Shinsuke Nakamura was ringside for this match. Miz, who challenges for the title, was in control until Zelina Vega would interfere on her client’s behalf.

Miz would quickly regain the upper hand though, and even threw Andrade into Nakamura ringside. Then Miz, after once again distracted by Vega, avoided a moonsault from Andrade and hit the skull crushing finale.

However, his victory was short-lived as Nakamura would lay out Miz.

Shinsuke has done next to nothing with the IC belt, so Miz winning here would hopefully bring back relevance to the belt. But this is a terrible look for Andrade after he was seemingly built back up over the past few months.

Cross vs. Rose: 

Not a huge fan of Mandy Rose putting down Nikki and calling her ugly seems like a tired, overused promo from years past.

Anyways, Nikki would come charging out of the back and brought the fight to Rose.

I kept trying to pay attention to the match, but once again Corey Graves and Byron Saxton were bickering like children.

Cross would overcome a distraction from Sonya Deville and rolled up Rose for the win, and the Women’s Tag Champions head into Sunday’s match win some momentum.

Bliss and Cross have done well as the Women’s Tag Champs, but I would like to see what “Fire and Desire” could do with the belts.

Heavy Machinery dominate: 

Otis and Tucker were out here taking on a local tag team. These two unfortunate men were rag-dolled around the ring for a couple minutes until they hit the compactor for an easy win.

What an up and down night this was for the go-home show. While we saw the Undertaker begin the night, and a cliffhanger to close the show, there was not much else that really stood out.

I thought the Kofi segment was the best go-home angle of the ones we saw, as Charlotte and Bayley just had a staredown and Miz just got beat down again by Nakamura.

Pretty average for a go-home show.

My rating: 3 out of 5

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