Smackdown kicked off with Bayley, fresh off of her shocking heel turn the previous night on Raw. Or was it a heel turn?

I was a bit disappointed to see Bayley still come out to her ‘Hugger’ music and the wacky wavy inflatable tube men.

The crowd, however, was very into Bayley, repeatedly chanting her name throughout the opening promo.

Bayley’s promo was all over the place, but it was tough to tell if Bayley was a true heel here. She was simply sticking up for her best friend, and she wanted to show everyone what true loyalty is.

The Queen would make her way to the ring after being called out by Bayley and would get right in her face. But Bayley’s best friend Sasha would enter the mix, and put Charlotte at a disadvantage.

The segment ended with Bayley and Banks taking out Flair with a chair and stood tall.

What took place for the rest of the night? Find out below as I rank the rest of Smackdown from best to worst AMD give my ranking.

The Underdog Advances: 

The other King of the Ring quarterfinal match pitted Andrade against Chad Gable.

Once again, we were treated to another solid wrestling match. It truly is incredible what happens when you give these wrestlers time to show their in-ring skillset.

We’ve seen Andrade have show-stealing matches in the past, but this is the first time in a while that Chad Gable had a chance to shine. Boy did he step up.

Gable picked up the win and is now one step closer to being crowned King of the Ring.

Elias Drifts Forward:

This quarterfinal King of the Ring match got going in a hurry, as both competitors were hungry to advance.

Ali is such an entertaining in-ring performer with his full display of high flying maneuvers.

This was also the most entertaining Elias match I’ve witnessed in quite some time. He even went to the top rope a few times to pick up the win.

Elias eventually hit the “Drift Away” on to Ali, who was battling a knee injury, to survive and advance to the semifinals next week.

When Will Kofi Learn?

Randy Orton has made Kofi Kingston’s life pretty miserable the past few weeks. This week was no different as ‘The Viper’ lured Kofi to the ring, but the Revival was there to strike.

Kingston tried his best to defeat the odds, but in the end, the Revival set up Kofi for the ‘Super RKO,’ and WWE’s newest heel team stood tall once again.

Rowan is no Puppet: 

Daniel Bryan cut quite an impassioned promo, saying he demands an apology from Roman Reigns.

But Roman wouldn’t even make it to the ring before being brutally attacked by Rowan. Even Bryan was shoved aside by Rowan.

After Roman was down on the canvas, Rowan spoke. He told Daniel that he’s no one’s puppet and challenged him to step into the ring with him.

Rowan also admitted it was he who has been attacking Reigns all these weeks. Smackdown closed with Rowan putting Bryan through a table, as he stood tall.

This was an interesting payoff (and I am not using interesting in a positive way) to the story WWE had been telling. It’ll likely end with Roman and Rowan’s match in two weeks at Clash of Champions.

Fire and Desire gain momentum: 

Nikki Cross dominated the early part of this match, eventually taking out both Rose & Deville with a dive from the top rope.

But after the break, Rose and Deville had the upper hand. Cross luckily made it to her corner and made the tag to Bliss.

It looked like Bliss would pick up the win, but Mandy took out Cross ringside which distracted Alexa. Mandy and Sonya pick up a huge win here, and they look ready to go for their tag team championship match in two weeks.

The Return of Black Mass: 

Aleister Black issued a challenge, the Shelton Benjamin answered. This match was mostly dominated by Black, whose arsenal of strikes and kicks are lethal.

It would be nice to see Black get more of a push moving forward, he’s a star in the making.

Nakamura defeats a jobber: 

Sami Zayn doesn’t appear to have an off switch, as he was on the mic right from the start. He literally narrated Nakamura’s entire match in an ear-splitting screech.

Zayn pretended that this jobber was The Miz, and this was his future when he stepped into the ring with the Intercontinental Champion. This was a forgettable segment.

Overall this was another quality episode of Smackdown. We saw two quality King of the Ring matches, and the women’s segment to kick off the show was an excellent next step in the Banks/Bayley friendship and their feuds with Becky and Charlotte.

This week’s Smackdown was a solid 3.5 out of 5.

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