Smackdown Live kicked off with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston in the ring saying he just wanted to prove he belonged at the top. Kingston says Randy Orton made the rivalry personal. Kingston also said he was ready then (10 years ago) and is ready now.

As Kingston is going is W-W-E World Heavy Weight Champion thing, he is interrupted by Orton on the jumbotron saying “stupid” about 20 times. Orton said he was delivered a fan letter and wanted to share it with Kofi. The letter said Kofi is the fan’s hero, and Orton is “a very mean man.” It goes on to say, “Please stop hurting him because it’s not just my hero “he’s my dad.” Orton said he realized he is staying at the same hotel and could pay his son a visit “tonight.” I sense Samoa Joe-AJ Styles going on here!

Before anything could happen, these two met backstage, where Kingston could not be restrained and attacked Orton. But Orton landed an RKO on Kofi.

After a break, we go to a King of the Ring Match. See where that and everything else ranks as I rank the show, starting with my favorite.

Ali Beats Buddy Murphy as the Two Steal the Show:

Shortly after an ad-break, the action really kicked up a notch. This match got several “this is awesome chants” from the crowd. Corey Gaves called it “mind-blowing.”

This is a very nice win for Ali as he starts to gain momentum and begin a push for him. The two shoot hands after the match. Ali will face Elias in the next round.

This was a solid first match of the show.

The Miz Challenges Shinsuke:

Last week, a friendship was formed between Zayn and Shinsuke. Zayn became the spokesperson for Shinsuke. The Miz called Zayn a “stage five clinger” and a spokesperson “because he could not hack it in a WWE ring.”

The Miz then says HE made the IC Title “main event” and “the most prestigious title in the WWE.” And then, he challenges Shinsuke to a title match at Clash of Champions next month.

This, of course, brings out Zayn. Zayn says Shinsuke is the “king of strong-style” and Miz is the “king of soft-style.” The Miz starts to walk towards Zayn and is brutally attacked from behind by Shinsuke, which was neat but predictable. Shinsuke hits Zayn with the Kinshasa. Boy Zayn is annoying when he screams, which makes him such a good heel.

King Elias Stunned:

Elias sat on a throne, wearing full king gear, talking about how he would win the King of the Ring Tournament. But Kevin Owens ambushes Elias and hits him with the stunner. As Elias is lying in the ring, R-Truth tries to pin him but fails. But Drake Maverick pulls Truth away and then pins Elias to regain the title.

Whatever, not a very necessary segment.


Okay, I did not see this coming. Roman Reigns showed a video, proving it was in-fact Rowan who threw the equipment on Roman. Daniel Bryan lost his mind, slapping Rowan and ENFACTALLY denying all involvement. He comes out to the ring to state his case, and Roman spears him anyway.

A very odd way to end the show. Could this be a possible face turn for Bryan? Or could he just be trying to get the attention away from himself? We will see. The show ended with even more questions, which I like.

Smackdown Gets Classy:

Lacey Evans takes on Bayley in a match. Earlier on in the show, Evans told Bayley SHE is bringing down the women’s division.

In the middle of the match, which to be honest wasn’t all that exciting, Charlotte Flair walks out to scout her opponent at Clash of Champions. Then came a very poorly timed commercial break.

The match eventually picked up, and Bayley hit Lacey with a Bayley-To-Belly, but Evans got to the rope. Evans nailed a Moonsault, but Bayley kicked out. After a few moon near-falls, Bayley hit Evans with the elbow drop to pick up the win.

I can’t complain too much because the action picked up and ended up being a fun match. Plus, it was very nice to see a women’s division match get some SERIOUS airtime. So, all in all, it was a good match and segment.

Orton Defeats Big E:

Big E was totally serious for almost all of this match, which was nice to see. However, Orton was too strong and ultimately too much for Big E. Orton hit Big E with an RKO to pick up the win.

Orton got some help from his new friends, The Revival. Still very odd seeing a legend like Orton getting help from some “friends” but the win for Orton was the right call.

Chad Gable Survives and Advances:

This match was not given much time, which stinks because this could have been a very good match. Gable wins, via roll-up to advance and face Andrade in the tournament.

Again, I wish these two would have been given more time because I think it would have been an excellent match, so the booking, not the talent is why it is so low.

This was another excellent episode of Smackdown Live. The Roman-Bryan segment was intriguing, the women’s match was good, Ali vs. Buddy stole the show, and as always, The Miz was good.

Miz vs. Shinsuke will be a good title match. I hope The Miz wins it.

Overall, I give this episode another 3.5 out of five. It was rock solid.

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