The Boss was out to kick off Raw. We got a recap of what happened the previous two weeks with Banks and her attacks on Natalya and Becky Lynch.

Sasha had quite a bit to get off her chest here. She admitted she took her ball and went home after Wrestlemania, and was jealous that Becky got to main event Wrestlemania while she was relegated to a tag team match.

Natalya apparently heard enough because she stormed to the ring and went after Banks. These two women went after it and were relentless in their attacks. After some time the two were pulled apart, but the message had been sent by Nattie. She wasn’t messing around.

Want to know what else happened on this week’s Raw? Check out the rest of my recap where I rank the segments from best to worst and rate the show overall.

The Ultimate Underdog:

It was a real David vs. Goliath scenario here as Drew McIntyre and his brute strength took on the high-flyer Ricochet.

This match turned into another solid King of the Ring battle, as these two men went back and forth. McIntyre showed some incredible power spots as multiple times he plucked Ricochet out of the air.

However, Ricochet withstood a good dose of punishment from the Scottish Psychopath, and delivered a ‘Recoil’ and then a 630 splash to pick up a shocking win!

I did not see this coming at all. McIntyre was someone who many had penciled into the Finals, as a win in this tournament would do wonders for him.

But with this improbable win, Ricochet will look to keep the momentum rolling against Samoa Joe.

Tag Team Turmoil: 

Eight tag teams were set to take part in WWE’s largest Tag Team Turmoil match. The odds on favorites in my eyes were the Viking Raiders, and they were the first team out.

After dispatching the ‘B Team’ in no time, the O.C. came out and wow did things escalate quickly. These four men beat the hell out of each other, to the point where the referee DQ’d them both. WOW.

The makeshift team of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode took down the Lucha House Party.

But then we saw what was likely the best tag match of this entire turmoil match between Ziggler/Roode and The Revival. These teams had a great back-and-forth before Roode picked up the pinfall.

Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder lasted mere seconds before Heavy Machinery took Ziggler/Roode to their limit. However, the brand new team won the right to fight for the tag team titles at Clash of Champions.

Cedric’s on a roll: 

This match didn’t really have any purpose, but the athletic ability of Cedric Alexander was on full display.

He and Cesaro had arguably the best match of the night, and Alexander picked up another impressive victory. Cedric continues to build momentum in the ring, which is entertaining to watch.

United States Title Match:

Braun Strowman, who lost his United States Championship opportunity last week due to a DQ, had another shot at it this week.

However, it was a true one-on-one match as everyone was barred from ringside. This turned into quite an entertaining Raw main event, as these two held nothing back.

Styles though took advantage when the referee was knocked down, and raked Braun’s eyes before delivering a low blow. The O.C. even came down to get involved, but Braun neutralized both of them with a steel chair.

But the savvy veteran Styles played possum and acted like he was the one hit by the chair. The referee bought it, and the match again ended in a DQ.

Strowman though, let all three members of the O.C. have it right as Raw went off the air.

“You’re on, Partner”

The unlikely team of Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins conquered The O.C. last week to win the Raw Tag Team Titles.

But, Strowman had his eyes on a bigger prize. After he subtly hinted at it last week, Braun flat out challenged Rollins to a Universal Title match in a pre-taped backstage interview.

There is clearly going to be tension between these two, and it will be interesting to see how the tag champs co-exist in the coming weeks. Especially with their Universal Title Match now officially taking place next month.

 The Boss Picks Up A Win:

After Sasha and Nattie went at it earlier in the night, the two officially squared off in the ring. Nattie got in some offense in the beginning, but in the end, Banks would tap out Nattie and securing her first win back in WWE.

To add insult to injury, she beat down Nattie even further after the bell. Now that she’s done with Nattie, now her sights have to be set on Becky Lynch.

First Round Complete: 

Baron Corbin battled The Miz in the final first-round King of the Ring match on Raw side. Of all the opening round matches on Raw, this to me was the worst of the four.

The first three matches involved superstars with something to prove, while these two don’t necessarily need this tournament.

This match was far from boring though, and there were a couple good near falls. However, Corbin would hit the End of Days and advanced. King Corbin is one step closer to officially taking the throne.

Bayley vs. Cross:

Unfortunately, the “Wildcard” rule was brought up again, and this time it brought Bayley to Raw. Her opponent was Nikki Cross, who was out there to settle the score for Bayley’s interruption last week on A Moment of Bliss.

I was actually impressed with some of Bayley’s moves here, but overall it was an average TV match. The crowd was also dead for much of this bout.

Overall this episode took a step back from the previous weeks. There was a lot of good wrestling matches, but it just lacked that one signature moment. And there was no sign of Seth Rollins or Becky Lynch on this show.

My rating: 3 out of 5.

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