Every ascension of a star has its beginning. For Becky Lynch, who is now at the top of her game, and arguably at the top of the wrestling industry, her rise to become “The Man” began one year ago.

Going into SummerSlam 2018, Lynch was to be featured in a championship match for the first time since Wrestlemania 33 the previous year. The problem was, this was supposed to be Lynch’s time to win the belt, as she had picked up several wins in the weeks before SummerSlam.

However, in the final build to Becky’s one-on-one title match against Carmella, Charlotte Flair would find her way into the match by pinning the champion on Smackdown Live.

Becky would fall short in that SummerSlam triple-threat title match, as Charlotte would once again win the championship. The crowd was visibly frustrated with this result. Lynch would then rise to her feet and embraced her best friend. But this was the final straw for Lynch, she would turn on her best friend, and the crowd in Brooklyn exploded with a cheer. This was Becky Lynch they wanted to see.

This shocking moment was supposed to turn Becky into a heel, but the fans were so behind Lynch and this new attitude, that was an impossible task. The fans had been behind Becky for so long, that they were thrilled to see her step into this new badass role.

Over the next few months, Lynch would conquer Flair to become the new Smackdown Women’s Champion and the former best friends would have some incredible bouts all over the world. Their rivalry came to a head in October at the first-ever all Women’s pay-per-view Evolution, where the two stole the show.

But more significant challenges and conquests were on the horizon.

With the calendar turning to November, Survivor Series was just around the corner. Becky was set to face Raw’s top champion, Ronda Rousey, in a champion vs. champion match.

This is when Becky’s stardom level rose to an elite level, as she would lead an invasion of Raw and had the Baddest Women on the Planet locked in her Dis-Arm-Her submission. Becky then would make her way to the ring and in the midst of an all-out brawl Lynch would take an errant punch from Nia Jax that broke her nose.

In a moment where Becky admittedly does not remember, she would grab a chair and beat down Rousey with blood streaming down her face like a waterfall. This iconic shot of Becky would be the talk of the WWE and catapulted her character into uncharted territory.

While Becky would not be medically cleared to have her match with Rousey at Survivor Series, this would turn out to be quite the blessing in disguise later down the road. Lynch would come back from this injury in just a couple weeks, sporting a new look and a new mantra.

Lynch, would not be bashful in how she felt and began calling herself “The Man” as she was not only at the top of the Women’s division, but the entire company. Becky, more outspoken than ever before, would welcome all challengers and was not afraid to go after anyone on social media.

However, with the interference of Rousey at last December’s TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view, Becky would lose her championship to Asuka and failed to capture it at this year’s Royal Rumble.

But later that same night, Becky would enter herself in the Women’s Royal Rumble match after an injury to Lana. There Becky would suffer a knee injury, but overcame the odds and dumped the final women standing in her way, Charlotte Flair, to the outside. The Man was going to Wrestlemania.

Becky had her choice of what championship she wanted to go after, but her mind had been made up long ago. She was going after the women no one could conquer, Rowdy Ronda Rousey.

The Man had a more lofty goal in mind though.

Lynch was not only going after Rousey, but she also wanted that match to take place in the main event of Wrestlemania, which was a place no women had ever been before.

While Becky’s knee injury would keep her mostly keep her out of action during the build to Wrestlemania, she kept this feud red-hot with her constant jabs at “Ronnie” on social media.

Becky not only went after Rousey, but she also went after all of the corporate suits that in her mind did not want her to be in this position in the first place.

WWE management did all they could to try and force Becky out of this marquee match. Soon enough Becky was suspended for 60 days and her nemesis, Charlotte Flair, was inserted into the title match.

However, Becky’s connection and popularity with the WWE Universe was too strong to ignore. Lynch would earn her way back into that match, making it a triple threat Wrestlemania match.

Just a couple weeks out from Wrestlemania, the official announcement was made. Women would main event the show for the very first time.

In their winner-take-all match, the three women left it all out in the ring, but Becky was able to overcome Rousey and pin her shoulders down on the mat for a three-count.

Just like that, Lynch was the double champion, or “Becky Two Belts” as she called herself.

Just a year prior, Lynch was unceremoniously eliminated early in the pre-show battle royal. Now she was on sports entertainment’s most prominent stage making history and holding two championship belts.

In the months post-Wrestlemania, Lynch would go on to successfully defend her Raw Women’s Championship several times.

But it was she continues to do outside of the ring that is more impressive. Lynch became the first-ever WWE superstar to grace the cover of ESPN the Magazine last month, and just last week became the first-ever women to be on the cover of the WWE 2K video game.

Heading into this year’s SummerSlam, Lynch is still breaking down doors that people told her were impossible.

Her story is one of incredible resiliency and believing in yourself and your ability no matter what people tell you. One year out from her initial character transformation, Lynch is still at the top of her game, as well as the wrestling industry.

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