Raw opened this week with a mixed tag team match between R-Truth and Carmella taking on Drake Maverick and his wife Renne for the 24/7 title.

Superstars were surrounding the ring, but the usual 24/7 title rules were suspended for the mixed tag team match. Truth won in about 5 minutes, but the more significant angle was post-match as those superstars that were ringside all charged the ring, creating a pile-up in the center of the ring.

The referee executed the three count, but it wasn’t clear who won. Then after a few seconds, Mike Kanellis emerged from the pack holding the belt. Kanellis quickly ran backstage and hid in the officials’ locker room.

This segment was chaotic, and personally, I was not too fond of what they did. Maybe it’s just this week, but I feel like the 24/7 title storyline is starting to peak.

Below is the rest of my reactions from Raw ranked best to worst, with my rating at the end.

Gauntlet match determines Styles Summerslam opponent: 

Rey Mysterio and Cesaro had a great match, that was full of action and near falls. Mysterio would hit the 619 and the splash to pick up the win.

Mysterio would then face Sami Zayn, who beat up Rey before the bell, but Mysterio would recover and rolled up Zayn in mere seconds. Not a good look for Sami.

The next challenger for Mysterio was a familiar foe in Andrade. Earlier in 2019, these two had a handful of show-stealing matches on Smackdown. This match didn’t meet that mark, but it was still rather good. Andrade then committed a cruel act of disrespect, as he ripped the mask off of Mysterio.

Ricochet was the final man in the gauntlet match. This was another rather good match, as Andrade and Richochet displayed their full arsenal of moves. After a back and forth match, Ricochet gained the upper hand and won the right to take on AJ Styles at Summerslam.

Rollins goes to Suplex City:

To further the insult to Shawn Michaels, Dolph Ziggler came out to the Heartbreak Kid’s music and mocked HBK all the way to the ring.

However, Rollins dominated the early part of the match before Ziggler mounted a bit of a comeback. But the highlight of this segment came toward the end when Brock Lesnar’s music hit and The Beast would interfere and throw Rollins around the ring and deliver several F5 moves onto a steel chair. OUCH.

This was one of the more severe beatdown angles we have seen Lesnar hand out on WWE TV. I have seen these beatdowns by Lesnar, flashback to Brock’s beatdowns of Roman Reigns in the leadup to Wrestlemania 34.

I would hope that because Lesnar beat down Rollins this severely, we would see Rollins stand tall at Summerslam, but this is Brock Lesnar and normal rules do not apply to him.

Nonetheless, this angle actually made me excited to see what happens next.

Tag Team triple threat match: 

The Usos took control of the match early on, not letting the Revival to make a tag or even allowing the “OC” into the ring.

After a slow start, this match really got going after the commercial break, and all six men in this match were running wild.

In the end, Luke Gallows tagged himself in, and seconds later caught Jimmy Uso in the shatter machine to capture the Raw Tag Team titles for the second time.

Becky Lynch takes out the BFF’s:

The time for talk was over, as Becky Lynch was set to take on Alexa Bliss. These two, who have a bit of history, wasted little time going after one another and had the best women’s match on TV in quite some time (a low bar to meet in fairness).

However, Bliss sustained an ankle injury and was unable to finish the match. But before Lynch could leave, Nikki Cross stepped up to The Man for a match.

While Cross was able to keep up with Becky for a bit, The Man took over the match and hit the ManHandle slam for the win.

But after the match, Bliss was suddenly okay (who didn’t see that coming?) and attacked Lynch along with Cross. Then to make matters worse, Natalya came down and locked in the sharpshooter. We may be getting a submission match out of this, which would be a nice stipulation.

Samoan Summit: 

Samoa Joe went after Roman backstage, but these two took their beef out to the ring. But before things got too far, Drew McIntyre would interfere on Joe’s behalf. Cedric Alexander would even the score.

Eventually, the Usos and The Club would get involved, and this match really broke down. Alexander would go on top of the Videotron and take everyone out.

The show closed with Roman Reigns delivering a spear to Joe and the babyfaces stood tall. This was a great, chaotic ending to Raw.

Moment of Bliss: 

Alexa Bliss came out with her “best friend” Nikki Cross and revealed some footage of Becky Lynch attacking Natalya earlier in the day.

Becky then threatened Bliss and berated Cross for coming all this way to be a sidekick. If history is anything, Bliss and Cross both have a receipt coming their way courtesy of The Man.

Street Profits rule: 

The NXT tag team champions have been making weekly appearances on Raw for about a month now. While they have been limited to just backstage segments, it is easy to see they drip charisma. Paul Heyman seems to be big fans of this duo, and it’s obvious why.

Viking Raiders run wild again: 

The reign continues as the Viking Raiders crushed another pair of unfortunate souls in about a minute. The new tag team champions better lookout.

Overall this was a pretty decent show. The build to the top Summerslam matches carried on nicely, and the chaotic ending to the show was a nice touch in my eyes.

My rating: 4 out of 5

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