The first Smackdown Live since Stomping Grounds began with a recap of yesterday’s Shane McMahon, Roman Reigns, Undertaker segment. Then McMahon appears on the jumbotron and says he will be happy to take on Reigns and Undertaker at Extreme Rules. He also says the Smackdown roster needs to stay off his bad side because he’s “pissed.” Good thing there are no more authority figures anymore.

Then out came the New Day. After some clowning around, a video package of Samoa Joe’s attack on Kofi Kingston airs. Kingston says he will face Joe at Extreme Rules. Before he could finish, Dolph Ziggler comes out. It takes a minute to get there, but Ziggler announces that if he beats Kingston tonight, he will be added to the match between Joe and Kingston. Ziggler announces the match tonight is a two-out-of-three falls count match. That should be fun

See where that two-out-of-three falls count match ranks below as I rank that and the rest of the June 25 edition of Smackdown Live.

It Won’t Be Me!!

 Kingston takes the first pin via a roll-up to go up 1-0. That lead doesn’t last too long because Ziggler hit Kingston with a superkick to even the score.

The last fall was very entertaining. Kingston kicked out of the Zigzag. Ziggler went for another superkick, but Kingston caught it and turned it into the Trouble in Paradise for the win.

This was the right decision. Even if he likely won’t win it, Samoa Joe deserves the 1-on-1 match for the title. Ziggler did an excellent job in this feud and reminded everyone how good of a worker he is, but it is time for him to be removed from the title picture.

Clock Strikes Midnight. Then Chaos:

The first match of the night was a fun tag-team match. The champions looked strong until Xavier Woods hit Rowan with a dropkick. Then Big E and Woods combined to hit Daniel Bryan with a Midnight Hour

This was a fun match. I would definitely watch them again.

But hold on!! Chaos ensues. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn blindside attack the New Day. Then Heavy Machinery comes out to even the odds. Do I sense an eight-man tag match, or both, in our future?

This wasn’t bad either. Not sure what the Owens thing was all about but the push for Heavy Machinery is well underway.

 Cross Delivers For Friend:

It was announced earlier that if Cross wins, her friend Alexa Bliss gets a rematch at Extreme Rules.

This was a decent match that couldn’t get going because ya know Shane needed his 20 minutes and there was a giant ad-break in the middle of it.

Despite the loss, Bayley looked strong. She had some good moments and really sacrificed everything for the win.

The roll-up was the right call. Keeps her strong in a loss and builds Nicki Cross as a babyface willing to do anything for her friend that is going to turn on her.

Sonya defeats Ember:

This is another feud/match that should be given more time but can’t because of Shane’s mega push.

Sonya wins via a roll-up after a distraction from Many Rose. Like I said, I wish they’d be given more time and build because Ember deserves it and I really enjoy Sonya in the ring. It’s just a shame.

Yep. I was right:

After a commercial break, an eight-man tag match is made official. It’s Heavy Machinery and the New Day against Rowan, The New Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Otis goes for the Caterpillar, always fun to see. Meanwhile, as Otis sets up for the Caterpillar, Owens walks away, leaving Zayn all alone. Heavy Machinery nails a compactor for the win.

“No More Shane” “No More Shane”

Thanks to a distraction from Shane McMahon, Elias hits Miz with the drift away. Round two, The Miz was set up for the win after a Skull Crushing Finale. This gave Miz, the DQ victory.

Before the three-part could begin, Shane and Elias brutalized and totally beatdown The Miz. The bell rang, and Elias picked up the win.

At least Corey Graves was entertaining during this. The chants of “No More Shane” from the crowd were loud and totally warranted. As you could expect, I absolutely hated this. It was so unnecessary and did nothing for the competitors I honestly don’t think anyone is invested in any part of this feud. It totally removed the promised Iiconics vs. Kabuki Warriors match. This should’ve been removed and the time is given to several different female superstars or some other deserving male superstars. If I weren’t writing a recap, I wouldn’t have watched a second of this.

The chants of “No More Shane” are what put this second to last.

Shane vs. Miz……Again…… More 2/3 falls count:

Elias is outside of Shane’s room when the Miz comes up. Miz says he has some unfinished business with Shane that needs to end tonight (or three weeks ago) because “everyone is sick of it.” Took them long enough to realize this feud needs to go away.

Shane says The Miz can have his match if he beats Elias first in a two-out-of-three falls count match. Seriously? What is with the obsession with this type of match? There are so many other options out there.

While I enjoy The Miz, I don’t appreciate another two-of-three match and more Shane so this segment is near the bottom.

This was an okay episode of Smackdown. Nothing to brag about. The main event was fun. Just because we got a lot more unnecessary Shane McMahon, no Iiconics liked promised, and the Deville-Moon match was shorter than deserved, I’m giving this week’s Smackdown Live a 2.75 out of 5.

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