The go-home show before Stomping Grounds began with the New Day in peak pancake throwing mode. Xavier Woods announced he would be facing Dolph Ziggler later on in the show. Big E said he pitched the “Freaky hour” for the final hour of the show but was interrupted by Ziggler before he could finish what that entailed.

Ziggler changes his usual “It should have been me” to “It will be me.” The two have a strong back and forth, promoting Sunday and Ziggler vs. Woods tonight. Ziggler was excellent in this segment.

This leads into the first match of the night, Ziggler against Woods. See where that and everything else ranks below as I list the segments, starting with my favorite.

No Coffee for Alexa on This Weeks Moment of Bliss

It doesn’t take long for Alexa Bliss and Bayley to go it at. Bayley tells Nicki Cross that Bliss is using her like she did with Nia Jax and Mickie James. Bayley also calls Bliss “an entitled princess.”

However, the line of the night came from Bliss when she said, “You are a placeholder and always will be a placeholder because you peaked in NXT.” This sets Bayley off and starts a brawl. The duo of Nicki Cross and Bliss were too much for Bayley, and Bliss stood tall.

This was a really strong back and forth with both superstars delivering some good lines. It did an excellent job of getting people excited for the match on Sunday. I enjoyed this week’s Moment of Bliss.


 Drake Maverick disguised himself as Carmella only to putt off the wig and pin Truth for the 24/7 Title and then drive off.

It was time for Truth to drop the belt, and this was short and fun. Well done.

Ziggler Stands Tall With A Win

Not too far into this match, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn came rushing down the ramp and attacked Big E and Kofi Kingston. The referee ejected them, but Woods nailed the two from the top rope. During the break, Kingston and Big E were also banned from ringside. Not sure why that was done during a commercial.

Woods had an excellent showing, but Ziggler hit Woods with the Zigzag and a superkick for the win.


Drew McIntyre starts talking about how he is going to beat Roman Reigns on Sunday. The Miz comes out and airs clips of Roman beating up McMahon. The Miz then says what every WWE fan has been thinking for months. Miz says Shane has been hogging time and opportunities on both shows to feed his ego. Well-done Miz!

Shane then makes a tag-team elimination match between McIntyre, Elias and The Miz and a partner of his choosing. However, Miz only has 10 seconds to choose.

R-Truth appears from under the ring, and The Miz picks Truth.

This wasn’t a bad segment at all. Nothing to brag about but we get to see Awesome Truth again after seven years, and The Miz said what we all are thinking.

Champs Win!

Just after the bell rang, Kofi Kingston hit Sami Zayn with the Trouble in Paradise to pick up the first fall.

The second fall took a little bit longer but was made by Rollins. Rollins hit Owens with the curb stomp to pick up the win. It is always fun seeing the two champions wrestle together. They have good chemistry and are an outstanding worker.

Heavy Machinery Gets Title Opportunity

 Heavy Machinery picked up a quick and convincing victory over the B-Team. This was not a very entertaining match but Daniel Bryan being on commentary for the match made it bearable. He did an excellent job.

The fun came after the match when Seth Rollins showed up. Rollins obliterated the B-Team with a chair because they interviewed with Barron Corbin for the special guest referee position on Sunday.

Shane McMahon pulls up in a limo and is immediately met by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Zayn and Owens tell McMahon something needs to be done about Rollins and Kofi Kingston. McMahon makes a two-of-three falls count tag-team match between Rollins and Kingston and Owens and Zayn. That should be fun.

McIntyre Stands Tall

After interference from Shane McMahon, Elias eliminated R-Truth. Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, and some other guys came running down the ramp. Benjamin grabbed the 24/7 Title and ran around the ring with it a few times. A referee explained to him that’s not how it works. Benjamin probably forgot because he hasn’t been used in months. Truth grabbed the title and got away.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, it was a two-on-one handicap match. McIntyre hit Miz with a head-butt and Claymore kick to pick up the win. McMahon assists McIntyre with two more Claymore kicks to send a message to Reigns.

This wasn’t very good. Another wasted segment for Shane and a Reigns-McIntyre match we don’t care about. I wish this segment went to the Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Ember Moon feud, The Iiconics or just about anything else.

Overall this was a good show. It did an excellent job setting up the PPV on Sunday, we get actually get the Iiconics and Asuka wrestling next week, and we saw Rollins and Kingston wrestle together. I also enjoyed the Moment of Bliss and Ziggler in the opening.

The only thing I did not like was the Shane McMahon, McIntyre-Miz tag match. I really wish it had gone to someone else. It was unnecessary and did nothing for McIntyre or The Miz.

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