Raw kicked off this week with the Universal Champion Seth Rollins, who this past Friday defeated Baron Corbin at Super Showdown.

However, Rollins was out here to talk about what he did to Brock Lesnar post-match. “The Beast in the Bank” came to cash-in on Rollins, but with the help of a low-blow and a steel chair Rollins was able to walk out of Saudi Arabia still champion.

But Corbin would eventually make his way onto to ramp, and was greeted with a shower of boos from the rather hot San Jose crowd. Corbin then revealed that he gets to pick a special guest referee for their match in two weeks at Stomping Grounds.

After Rollins told Corbin that he has no friends, Sami Zayn and later Kevin Owens (wildcard rule LOL) made their way out beside Corbin. Words were briefly exchanged, and we then got our main-event match, which was Rollins taking on Owens.

Below is the rest of took place on Raw, ranked in the order from best to worst as well as my final ranking at the bottom.

Firefly funhouse still rules: 

Rambling Rabit (apparently back from the dead) was trying to fend off Mercy the Buzzard, and Bray gave the rabbit a chance to speak his mind.

However, the rabbit said he no longer felt safe and wanted to expose what was going on in the funhouse. Bray grabs the rabbit (with the glove that says hurt, a great piece of consistency) and proceeds to beat the rabbit to a pulp.

This episode was sponsored by Ramblin’ Rabbit’s Bohemian Breakfast Spread, and closed the segment with his signature, creepy “all you have to do is let me in,” line.

Brillant episode of Firefly Funhouse, this continues to be the best thing by far on WWE TV.

Miz TV becomes crowded:

Samoa Joe was the guest this week on Miz TV, holding his newly “won” United States Championship. Miz, the babyface he is, scolded Joe for his actions against Rey Mysterio.

Right after Joe and Miz went face-to-face, the ring began to fill up with potential US Title challengers. First, it was Braun Strowman, then Bobby Lashley, Ricochet, and finally Cesaro.

After Cesaro threw a punch at Ricochet, the six men went at it in the ring, which then led to a……you guessed it! A six-man tag team match. Though these men have all been involved in the same feuds for quite some time, this crowd was quite into the match.

Cesaro performed his signature swing for upwards of 45 seconds, Strowman showed some incredible athleticism for a man his height, and Miz even hit a move from the ropes.

But the match ended on a sour note as Ricochet went to hit is 630 splash, but missed his target & landed on Cesaro’s knee. Though he was in pain, he avoided a significant injury. All in this tag match exceeded my expectations.

Stuck in an elevator: 

I was not a fan of the 24/7 title when it first debuted about a month ago, but the content this title has produced over the past month has mostly been superb.

R-Truth, while trying to evade several wrestlers, winded up getting trapt in an elevator, which then broke down.

R-Truth and Drake Maverick had some hilarious back and forth comments while stuck in the elevator. This comedy belt is being used to perfection and is one of the few segments on WWE TV I actually look forward to every week.

But once that elevator door opened up, the friendly nature of the group ended and Truth was once again running for his life. Carmella was once again a lifesaver, pulling R-Truth out of harm’s way.

Sami Zayn, the referee?

The Main Event of Raw had two officials, as Zayn was named the outside referee for the Rollins/Owens match.

Quite predictably Zayn kept stopping the match at opportune times for Owens and prevented Rollins from gaining an edge.

For example, Rollins went to the top rope for a splash, but Zayn jumped into the ring to prevent his “best friend” from taking a significant bump. Then Zayn pulled the referee out of the ring right before the full ‘three-count’ and gave Owens the DQ win after Rollins took out Sami by accident.

Corbin, like a snake in the grass, was waiting to strike, but Rollins overcame him and beat Sami down with a chair to stand tall as Raw went off the air. It looks like Rollins will have the deck stacked against him come Stomping Grounds.

Becky out-talks Lacey Evans in a sit-down interview:

Lynch is already one of, if not the best promos in WWE today and that was on display here. While Evans kept up her “sweetheart” act, saying the same, predictable lines that we have heard from the past month. It is literally the same words we heard from Charlotte Flair, and it is coming from her doppelganger.

At first, it was refreshing to see Becky take on another challenger, but Evans appears to be in over her head and is bringing ‘The Man’ down with her in the process.

Champions vs. Challengers in a tag team match:

Thanks to the good ol’ wild card rule, we got to see Becky Lynch and Bayley take on their challengers at Stomping Grounds, Lacy Evans, and Alexa Bliss.

I was looking forward to seeing the cross matchup of Bliss vs. Lynch and Evans vs. Bayley, but we mainly saw what was mostly a preview of each of the Women’s title matches in two weeks.

The two champs seemed to have the upper hand for the majority of this match. Evans even looked good in the ring at times (hopefully I can say the same in two weeks).

Toward the end of the match, Bliss (who has a history of concussions) took a NASTY looking bump on the bottom turnbuckle. Bliss though got up (and thanks to the help of Evans’ right hand) was able to gain the upper hand, before Evans hit another ‘Women’s Right’ to pick up the win.

WWE looks to be building up Evans to a legitimate challenger to Lynch, but that ship may have already sailed.

New Tag Champs:

The sad thing about this match is that the Raw Tag Team Champions were essentially an afterthought in this match. This triple-threat match was mostly about the Revival and Usos, who have developed a bit of a rivalry of late.

These three teams had an alright match to start, but the action picked up toward the end. The Revival then picked up the win after Scott Dawson tagged in the match right as Jey Uso did a splash onto Zack Ryder.

So now the Usos/Revival feud now has the tag championships involved, and knowing the history with the Revival, their reign as tag champs could be short-lived.

Paul Heyman cuts the same promo we’ve all heard before: 

Heyman literally told us he isn’t telling us when Lesnar will cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Uhm, Mr. Heyman…that is the whole point of the Money in the Bank match! The briefcase is supposed to be cashed in when we all least expect it.

The advocate for Lesnar told the crowd his client will show up whenever he wants to, and he will become the champion whenever he so chooses. Hopefully, Lesnar goes away for a while, only for him to come back in a couple months to cash in when we least expect it, hence using the briefcase correctly.

The Best in the World takes center stage: 

McMahon and his henchman Drew McIntyre took to the ring to celebrate Shane’s “victory” over Roman Reigns this past Friday.

After taking turns talking about how Roman Reigns is no good & will be beaten by McIntyre at Stomping Grond, the two cracked open some bubbly and celebrated their accomplishments.

Lars destroys Lucha House Party:

In a rematch from Super Showdown, Lars systematically destroyed the three members of the Lucha House Party in this elimination match. First, Sullivan made quick work of Kalisto, then Lince Dorado met the same fate before Gran Metalik was the final member to be taken out by ‘The Freak’ Sullivan, but not before he laid waste to the other members of Lucha House Party.

What we saw here is the match that should have taken place on Friday in Jeddah. WWE spent so much time booking Lars to be this unstoppable force, and then had him win his first WWE match be disqualification? Another bit of poor booking by the WWE creative team (aka Vince McMahon).

IIconics (finally) win: 

After weeks of losing in singles matches & non-title matches, the IIconics picked up a win. Hopefully, this begins a push for the Women’s tag champs, who have been mainly forgotten since Wrestlemania.

By no means was this a great episode of Raw. The Six-man tag match was better than I thought, and we did see a title change as well. The main event scene seems to be set up against the Universal champ, and both women’s champions were laid out by Lacey Evans.

But when the best thing about a wrestling show is a comedy title, and a Firefly Funhouse segment, it’s not a great show.

My rating: 2.25 out of 5.

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