WWE is heading back to Saudi Arabia for their “Super ShowDown” event set to take place this Friday in Jeddah. In the weeks leading up to this show, WWE began advertising it as a card that equivalent to Wrestlemania. The show will start at 2 p.m. ET (9 p.m. AST).

Below are the predictions for this show, as well as some analysis on the matches set to take place in Jeddah.

Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley:

These two powerhouses do not exactly have a history but are two of the strongest wrestlers in the company, and Vince McMahon really loves his big men going head-to-head in wrestling matches.

Really the only build to this match was their arm wrestling segment from Raw this past Monday night. It was a segment that did not seem to overly resonate with the fans, but I am relatively sure Vince was eating this up.

Strowman was once one of the hottest acts in this company, but WWE’s booking of Braun over the past year has severely cooled him off. Both of these men are stuck in the mid-card vortex right now, so it is tough to choose a winner.

In the end, I believe Braun will pick up the win here. Lashley has been pretty much lost in the shuffle, and Strowman seems to be beloved by the Saudi crowd and gains more from winning than Bobby.

Lars Sullivan vs. Lucha House Party:

Lars has his first main roster pay-per-view match, and to try and even the odds he is up against the three members of the Lucha House Party.

WWE has tried to make it seem like the trio of lucha wrestlers has a punchers chance in this match, and while they may briefly grab the upper hand on ‘The Freak,’ I fully expect Sullivan to make quick work of the Lucha House Party & pick up the win.

50-man battle royal:

As of now (I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon) there are only a handful of names officially announced for this massive battle royal.

It would be nice to see there be a stipulation added that the winner of this battle royal gets a future title shot, but as of now, that does not seem to be happening.

Braun won this battle royal a year ago, and nothing really happened following the win, so the winner this year may not even receive any sort of push either.

I’d guess a babyface would win this due to the fact WWE may want the winner cheered by the Saudi crowd. Going by that logic, I could see them giving the win to Ali, the Miz or maybe even AJ Styles?

Without any sort of stipulation, this match does not interest me much.

Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon:

The “Best in the World” Shane McMahon returns to the place where he earned his self-proclaimed title last November. Roman has felt the wrath of McMahon and his mid-card of evil the past few weeks on both Raw and Smackdown.

While I am nearly sure that there will be some sort of interference here from the heels, Roman will still overcome those odds and defeat the “Best in the World” and his henchmen.

I doubt this match will have much excitement, but WWE may try to re-create the coast-to-coast spot from Survivor Series in 2017. Either way Roman picks up the win because I cannot see him dropping this match.

Finn Balor (c) vs. Andrade – Intercontinental Championship:

Balor, like Braun, has been lost in the shuffle in the world of WWE. Balor was briefly in the Universal Title picture at the beginning of the year but has been getting stop/start pushes since then.

These are two of the better wrestlers in the company, and I just hope they are given the time to put on a stellar match. The Demon character is undefeated in WWE, and while I think that will still be the case after Friday, Andrade would benefit SO much more from holding the Intercontinental title than Balor. Hopefully, there is a title change on WWE TV or at the next pay-per-view later this month.

Triple H vs. Randy Orton:

I am calling it now, this match will be the longest singles match of the night. These two had some heated battles a decade ago, but this feud has really only been re-ignited in the past few weeks with a video package, and an in-ring promo segment.

Triple H already picked up a win over a former Evolution member back at Wrestlemania and is mainly focused on building the NXT brand. Orton is still a fixture of the main roster and would benefit more from picking up a win since there is nothing truly at stake.

In the end, this match will likely go about 30 minutes, with ‘The Game’ taking an RKO from out of nowhere. A loss for Triple H will not hurt his legacy at all, and a win for ‘The Viper’ may give him some much-needed momentum heading into SummerSlam season.

Goldberg vs. The Undertaker:

Of all the matches on this card, the one I had the most trouble with is this one right here. Two legends, who could have main evented a pay-per-view 10-15 years ago, go at it for the first time ever.

These two men have arguably the two most impressive wrestling streaks, with Goldberg winning 173 straight matches, while Undertaker won 21 consecutive times at Wrestlemania. These superstars had a brief encounter at the Royal Rumble in 2017, which had the crowd in San Antonio buzzing. While both superstars are past their prime, that staredown this past Tuesday night was just as incredible.

It is tough to gauge how this match will go, as I can make a case for either man winning, and both men do not have a ton of losses on their resume.  Undertaker is a WWE guy, while Goldberg came from a rival company. The Deadman is a loyal guy, and I believe Vince will reward that loyalty with a win for Taker.

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Baron Corbin – Universal Championship:

A match that absolutely no one (except Vince) wants to see, but it almost feels like an afterthought due to the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar looming with his Money in the Bank briefcase.

I do not want to even entertain the idea of Corbin winning, but with this match taking place in Saudi Arabia, the crowd may be less angry or outraged if Corbin somehow picks up the win.

There is also the chance that this whole situation with Lesnar is for nothing, and Brock really shocks the WWE Universe and cashes in on Kofi Kingston. But I could just be overthinking this, and Rollins picks up the win and then has to deal with Lesnar.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler – WWE Championship:

Personally, I have enjoyed the build-up to this match, even though it only came together a few weeks ago. Ziggler’s return was a pleasant surprise, and his passionate promos have been intense.

Though I am all for Dolph Ziggler, it is far too early Kofi to drop the belt, and this is just a filler feud because of Kevin Owens not making the trip to Jeddah. These two do have a history of putting on stellar matches and may steal the show with this latest clash in the ring.

Due to the nature of Ziggler mostly being a fill-in, this match is relatively easy to project. But as I mentioned above, Kofi could have more significant problems on his hands if Brock Lesnar pulls a swerve and cashes in his briefcase on Kingston.

Overall, this card is primarily filled with matches that do not have much momentum behind them and frankly will not mean anything long-term. But with ‘The Beast’ lurking with his championship contract in-hand, this will be the running storyline throughout the show. I am expecting some good content from this show (24/7 title changes especially), but overall my expectations are limited.

(Header photo credit to WWE.com)

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