The go-home show before Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia kicked off with Kofi Kingston saying he wants to inspire people. Then a video plays of Kingston’s trip to his home country of Ghana for the first time in 26 years. After talking about his trip, Dolph Zigger came out and said he respects Kingston but “this is about ME.” Ziggler repeats his famous “it should have been me” line a few times. After a good back-and forth, with  a few video packages, Ziggler ends with “on Friday, it will be me.”

As Ziggler walks back, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn walk out setting up a tag team match between those two and Woods and Kingston.

Interesting note: Xavier Woods accompanied Kingston in the ring, no sight or sound of Big E to begin the show.

Below, is the rest of what happened on the show in order from what I liked the most to least.

RAW’s Alexia Bliss to compete for the Smackdown Title:

After getting in some early offense, Carmella was taken out of the picture by the right hand of Bliss.

After not too long, Many Rose and Sonya Deville walk down to the ring, causing a distraction. The two watched the rest of the match from ringside. Just as it looked like Carmella would pick up the win, Rose and Deville interfere, allowing Bliss to hit the DDT, giving her the victory.

This was a really solid TV match that featured several near falls and some good spots. It was nice to see a women’s match mean something and it not involve Becky Lynch, Lacey Evans or Ronda Rousey (although Charlotte Flair was still involved).

Bliss picking up the win was expected but will be exciting. Bliss has not been in the title picture in 2019 because of her concussions. Plus, they furthered the Carmella vs. Rose storyline. This was a good productive segment.

Goldberg’s First Ever Smackdown Live:

Goldberg comes down to the ring and says he wishes this match happened 20 years ago. Me too Bill. Me too. Goldberg says “Undertaker, you’re next to Rest In Peace,” bringing out The Undertaker.

The two men have a face off and then the segment ends. It is always nice to see The Undertaker and the stare down got me excited for their match. This was a fine main event segment and we got to see two legends, so I’ll rank it higher than it should.

Kingston and Woods defeat Zayn and Owens:

This was your standard tag team match. The faces got in their offense and then the heels work over Xavier Woods. Kingston got the hot tag and hit Zayn for a trouble in paradise. The New Day picks up the win.

After the match, Ziggler hit both Kingston and Woods each a superkick to stand tall.

A Smackdown Live Moment of Bliss:

Bliss largely insults Bayley, saying when she did what Bayley has done but did a better job at it. Next Bliss says when she had the Smackdown title it meant something. Carmella came out, because she has won the Money In The Bank contract.

Then, before Mella could finish a sentence, Charlotte Flair walked out, because her last name is Flair. Flair announced that there would be a triple threat match between Bliss, Flair and Mella with the winner facing Bayley at Stomping Grounds.

Lars Sullivan can talk after all:

Kayla Braxton is in the ring with Sullivan for his first interview. Sullivan bullies Braxton into calling him a freak. Sullivan says he wants to show the world is not full of rainbows and sunshine. But pain and agony and to dissecting people

This was not a great promo by any stretch of the imagination, but for his first-time talking, Sullivan was passable. The goal was to get across that Sullivan wants to cause people pain and that was accomplished.

Elias defeats R-Truth… R-Truth defeats Elias:

Truth finds out through a phone call from Shane McMahon that he has a match against Elias for the 24/7 Title.

It turns out that Elias vs. Truth is a lumberjack match. The entire undercard is standing around the ring for the match. Elias defeats R-Truth in seconds to regain the title.

After the match, Elias tries to crawl out of the ring but Truth find him and the crawl underneath the ring. Somehow Truth pins Elias to regain the title.

Not sure what that accomplished but R-Truth is now a three-time 24/7 champion.

Shane McMahon stands tall… Again:

McMahon walks to the ring, with The Revival. After a video package, McMahon talks about “neutering the Big Dog.” He actually said snip, snip snip. This brought out Reigns. The Revival goes after Reigns but Roman dispels of them in seconds. Before getting to the ring, Drew McIntyre appears from out of nowhere to claymore kick Reigns. McMahon stands tall basically guaranteeing Reins the victory on Friday.

This was basically a repeat of RAW and what we have seen for weeks. If it wasn’t for the pointless Andrade vs. Apollo Crews segments, this would be last. Shane is getting close to go away heat for me, and that is not where any wrestler wants to be.

Andrade vs. Apollo Crews:

After about a minute, Finn Balor runs down to the ring and starts battling Andrade. Andrade hits Balor with the DDT to stand tall.

This whole segment lasted about three minutes. Not sure what the point of it was. But Andrade stood tall because he faces the Demon King on Friday and won’t be winning at Super Showdown.

Overall this was a fine show. For the men, it built up Super Showdown and for the women, we got a new challenger at Stomping Grounds for Bayley and it wasn’t Charlotte Flair.

There was not really anything that stood out to me, but besides the Andrade, Finn thing, nothing was terrible or pointless.

I give this week’s Smackdown Live a solid three out of five.

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