The first Smackdown Live after the Money In The Bank Pay-Per-View kicked off with Elias apologizing to Shane McMahon for his loss to Roman Reigns on Sunday.

McMahon announced that Elias will get a rematch against Reigns tonight and that Shane will be in Elias’ corner because that’s precisely what we need, more Roman Reigns, Elias and Shane McMahon.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods came out to welcome their brother Big E back after six weeks off with an injury.

After some typical New Day shenanigans, Kingston said he needs to be serious because he is a champion. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn came out. After getting teased via song and insulted, Owens just turned and walked away without explanation.

Woods played the trombone as Zayn tried to talk. Eventually, Zayn said Kofi wouldn’t be able to walk out of here. Kingston declared that he WILL walk out of the ring tonight, a statement that came up later on in the show. A match between Zayn and Kingston was announced for later.

I could have done without Shane McMahon and Elias, but this was a terrific opening segment. Zayn and Kingston were superb, and it did a great job building up the match.

Below, is the rest of what happened on the show, in order from my favorite to least favorite.

1) Champs beat Chasers:

Becky Lynch (RAW women’s champion) and Bayley (Smackdown women’s Champion) defeated Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans in a short but fun tag team match.

This match did not receive much time, but, each superstar got in some action. Evans hit the women’s right on Lynch, Flair and Lynch each got a near-fall on a roll up and Bayley pinned Flair, justifying her cash-in on Sunday.

Before the match, Lynch was in full “The Man” mode, saying she isn’t sure about tagging with someone that didn’t beat her for the title. Lynch also said she will be coming for Bayley and her title. This back-and-forth teased a Bayley vs. Becky match shortly.

2) “It should be me.”

Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship at Super Showdown. Yes, you read that correctly. Nearly in tears, trying to explain his actions from earlier on in the night, Ziggler said the reason he attacked Kingston so viciously earlier on in the show, was because that “should be me.”

Ziggler said the run Kingston is on, should be him. It should have been Ziggler, not Kingston, winning the gauntlet match at Elimination Chamber. It should have been him, not Kingston, defeating Daniel Bryan for the WWE championship at WrestleMania.

Backtracking for a minute, after defeating Sami Zayn in a match that was mainly broken up by an ad-break, Paul Heyman came out and teased a cash-in from Money in the Bank winner, Brock Lesnar.

Then, from out of absolutely nowhere, Dolph Ziggler returned and just destroyed Kingston. The beat down went on for several minutes and was shocking.

Ziggler hasn’t been seen on television since the Royal Rumble, and there were rumors of him leaving for AEW or pursuing a career in comedy. After the beat down finally ended, Kingston was taken away on a stretcher.

Just as he got to the top of the ramp, as he vowed to in the opening segment, Kingston got up from the stretcher and walked off under his own power.

3) Ali defeats Andrade:

I really, really wanted to put this match last because I hated the finish that much. But I cannot because the match was that good and there were some things that I didn’t like even more.

Despite an ad-break taking up more time than necessary, these two put on an absolute clinic. The in-ring work here was fantastic. Andrade looked like an unstoppable beast throughout most of this match. Ali was the never give up, give it all his heart underdog. Ali was almost counted out twice, only to roll back in at eight and then again at 9.9.

I loved the in-ring work so much, and I was so invested in this match. And then the finish happened. At one point in this match, Andrade looked so good, he looked like a guy who could beat the Demon King at Super Showdown. Then, he lost. Via a roll-up. After Ali was down and out of the ring for 9.9 out of a 10-second count.

I cannot stress how much I did not like this finish. It hurts Andrade and does nothing to help Ali at all. Andrade, who is rumored to be receiving a big push and is facing the Demon King in two weeks should have won this match and began building momentum.

4) Roman Defeats Elias:

This went exactly how you’d expect. Shane kept interfering to try and help Elias win the match, but Roman Reigns overcame them to win. After the match, Shane McMahon started beating up Reigns, but Reigns hit McMahon with the Super Man punch. Drew McIntyre, who apparently is buddies with Shane, came from out of nowhere and hit Reigns with the Claymore kick.

This really wasn’t anything special. It was the standard, run of the mill promote the fight on the next PPV segment. Because it involved McMahon and Reigns, it was the main event. The goal was to add another layer to the feud, and it did, so mission accomplished.

5) R-Truth on the Run:

On the May 20, edition of Monday Night RAW, a new title was announced. The 24/7 title debuted. The show ended with R-Truth holding the belt. This title can be defended anywhere and anytime.

So R-Truth spent the whole show on the run from the men’s locker room so he could hold the title. Truth had Carmella disguise him in a blond wig and female sunglasses.

I don’t really know how else to say this other than, this was dumb. Although funny, having Truth, a former US Champion, in a female disguise, running away from Matt Hardy and the B-Team, is not a way to build any credibility to this new title.

6) Carmella vs. Mandy Rose DQ:

If you were not on Twitter today, then you missed some drama. ‘Mella attacked Rose, calling her “an unsafe worker.” Rose, accompanied by Sonya Deville, came down to the ring. Then came down ‘Mella, accompanied by R-Truth, in full disguise. The two wrestled for about two minutes, and then the bell rang because the entire men’s undercard came running out to attack Truth.

I really did not like this for a few reasons. The first one is the WWE is trying to make this 24/7 title appealing by saying it can be defended by any superstar, anywhere and anytime. So why didn’t Rose or Deville go after R-Truth and win the title?

The other reason is that in 2019, WWE has continually failed to build female superstars, outside of Becky and Charlotte (and possibly Bayley). It would have been nice to let these three women have an excellent storyline, and build some momentum instead of having it furthering a pointless title.

Despite the finish to the Ali-Andrade match and the WWE doing nothing with the Rose-Deville breakup storyline or letting Rose, Deville and Carmella have a feud, this was an excellent show. Dolph Ziggler was an absolute stunner, the champ vs. chasers match was excellent, and the opening segment was absolutely fantastic.

I give the show a 3.25 out of 5. This show really had potential to be a four or 4.5, but I didn’t like the ending to Ali vs. Andrade at all, the whole R-Truth, Carmella Rose segments and the main event was just fine. The show was a step in the right direction but not there yet for me.

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